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You have recently taken a job as a guard at an archaeological dig-site in Uldum. There you meet Elise Starseeker.
This is going to be a small collection of random World of Warcraft themed one shots.

Chapter 1: Broken Pride, tells the tale of Jaina Proudmoores life as a wow boss. (Gangbang, non-con, mindbreak)

Chapter 2: Slut of Elune, details an encounter between Tyrande and Sylvanas, as the two try to settle their differences (Catfight, Domination, Dub-con) 

Chapter 3: Fading Light, (Lesbian Gangbang, mind control, tentacles)
After being punished for missing his shift on guard duty Thoim Deepsteel gets bored at his new post and prays for someone to save him from the mind numbing work.
Patreon commission for Anon!

Alexandra Steele is a Paladin of renown prestige and faith to the Light; that is until her addiction to corruptive cum overtakes her. This brings her to a seedy, underground gloryhole to suck off two demonic shestuds and bringing herself to embrace her hunger for their corrupted seed...

Contains: Futa x Female, Corruption, Addiction, Degradation, Gloryhole Fun, Split-roasting, and a messy finish!
A chronicle of the end of the Sin'dorei people after a successful Worgen invasion of Quel'thalas following the events of the Battle for Lordaeron.

Chapter 4 is up! Enjoy the conclusion! ...For now.

Contains: Worgen on Elf, Knots, Wolf-Dicks, Cock Worship, Cum drinking, Mild Degradation, Tattoos, Mind Break and Male to Female via the use of some sketchy alchemy.

Done by request of a friend.
A human relic hunter delivers her latest haul to a Tol'vir curator seeking Titan Artifacts. Will they be able to agree upon a price when she doesn't want to accept the standard fee?

Contains Loving, Cuddling, Pro Negotiating Tactics, and oh yes, a big honking Tol'vir railing a human.

Done as a request for a friend.
An exhausted Blood Knight is taken prisoner by a slim Ren'dorei frost mage. Can she get back to where she belongs?

Contains Mind Break/Mind Control, Yuri, use of Void creature dildos and mild Ren'dorei/Sin'dorei racism.

Prompt done at a friends request, hope you guys enjoy!
In an AU version of Azeroth, a down-on-her-luck Valeera Sanguinar has to make end's meet serving as a bunny girl waitress in Neo Orgrimmar's hottest new casino. Commissioned by fblvka.

Following her defeat at the hands of Horde adventurers Torgus and Korlain, Vanessa VanCleef has been forced to languish in the Stormwind Stockades as the guard's favorite spunky little cumdump. However, no cage can hold a Defias for long, no matter how much dick she has to go through to earn her freedom. Commissioned by anonymous.

Patreon Tier reward for TheRandomOne!

Booty Bay is a terrible place for a slip of the tongue, and Arion Sunswell now has to deal with an arrogant bruiser seeking to abuse his visit for her own gain...

Check out the previous chapter!

Contains: Futa x Male, Blackmail themes, degradation, oral, and a messy finish!
|| Commission for a client.

This story contains: futa on futa, excessive cumshots, messy, sexual coercion, hair cutting(excessive detail), oral, frotting, anal, prostate popping.

A lovely long haired Sin'dorei decides on getting a fresh new hairstyle at a local salon, only for the Barber to realize she's unable to pay for her services. In a fit of desperation, the two work out a suitable and jaw-dropping arrangement to ensure only the best attention is given.
A far, far fetched continuation of Arcane Pack-Slut and the future of Greymane's gradual conquest over Azeroth's finest heroines. Prodigal Archmage once more serves alongside her mother, this time bound only to please her owner, no matter what the cost or outcome of her unyielding loyalty could be. When the kitchen fills with maid slaves, the Proudmoore family is put to use once more. 

Tags: Maids, Grand Asses and Busts, Cooking, Worgen, Cock Slavery, Mind Break, Soft Futa
[World of Warcraft] Jaina Proudmoore enjoys a rare, lazy afternoon relaxing...while getting a loving blowjob from her mother.

(Futa/F, Oral, Incest)
Patreon Poll Winner

What happens if the Lich King catches Sylvanas before she can escape on her gunship from the Halls of Reflection? She gets captured and turned into his Queen, of course! But she will need to be altered a bit before she is... perfect.

Themes: Sexual Magical Torture, Body Modification/Transformation, Mindbreak, Humiliation, S/M, Bimbo, Hardcore Fucking

Blademoon is a tall, strong, serious-minded warrior of the Kaldorei Empire who, during the attack on the elvish capital of Zin-Azshari during the War of the Ancients, suddenly finds herself transported ten thousand years into the future, in the grim underwater kingdom of Nazjatar. Can she overcome a ten-thousand year cultural gap and an enduring harpy curse to reconnect with her people, discover the mystery of her temporal misplacement, and get her revenge on the villainous naga?
A one-shot featuring a short, hot moment between the Prince of Lordaeron and the Ranger-General of Silvermoon.
A conflict between the Light and the Void was bound to spring up; though none expected it to be an aftereffect of the recruitment of the Allied Races. A Void Elf enters the home of all rookie adventurers, the Lion's Pride Inn found in the center of Goldshire, though the Light found there has changed over time.
The Adeen farm is idyllic in a few regards, though it has its difficulties.  The world meanwhile continues to turn despite what is assuredly the best efforts of its denizens.
Patreon Tier reward for TheRandomOne!

Arion Sunswell stops in Ratchet on his way to Mulgore for a festival - only to be bullied by a hung, drunk Draenei to give her the proper release that she so keenly expects from Sin'dorei sluts!

Check out the previous chapter! 

Contains: Futa x Male, Dub Con, Cock and Ball worship, and an explosive finish!
Zahrine is a shadow priest and a respected officer in the guild Fearless. When another shadow priest takes the spotlight, she's forced to track down the source of her power, only to find herself dealing with a disgusting old warlock and his alluring, almost kind and sensitive succubus. 

Commissioned by bubba121212
Seline loves night elves and everything about them.  When she finally gets to meet one it's everything she wanted and more.
After a grave defeat at the Arathi warfront, Lady Liadrin is captured by the Alliance and subjected to their sordid revenge.

Contains heavy non-con themes.

Patreon Commission reward for Anon!

Cathrine Mercer is a woman that has forgotten vows to the light - and finds herself with a lewd amount of enjoyment whoring herself out. Meeting Daisy Sea-Urchin, a dark skinned, vile shestud in a seedy tavern within Boralus only means that she will get exactly what she wants...

Contains: Futa x Female, Themes of Prostitution, Heavy Degradation, Quick Oral and a Titjob, along with a full-nelson creampie!
Patreon tier reward for Micah!

A goblin by the name of Zilly finds herself in debt within the port town of Ratchet. Lucky for her, selling her body has been working great - and her final client, a hung human knight, seems eager to give her the hearty payout so long as she gets a round at the goblins body!

Contains: Futa x Female, Themes of Prostitution, Sizeplay, Raceplay, and a messy finish from a big cock!
Ealia Stillsong is a proud priestess of Elune whose life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped by the orc Brakmar Stoneslayer. She is forced to march with him to Orgrimmar with his promise that when they arrive she'll be his sex slave.

Kink Content: kidnapping, bondage, master/slave, noncon/dubcon

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