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In which Rasmus the Half-Demon Dragonborn launch his plans of obtaining the sexy humanoid Bijuu Kurama The Kyuubi no Kitsune into his dirty little submissive breeding slut, stealing her from her lover, Naruto Uzumaki. Possibly one-shot
A Cardin getting bad luck story, this will have: Rape, Revenge, Payback, Genderswap, MindBreak, Impregnation (Begged and Forced), and gangbang.

A strange new dust arrived to Beacon Academy that has an unknown effect that the no one knows, Cardin took the advantage on using it on Jaune to see what the effect is. But, it ended up turning on him instead, but what the effect is will probably not be what he expected it to be when the light of the subject happens.
{Commissioned by anonymous}

Hachiman and Hayama had been at odds for as long as they've known each other. Eventually, the tensions had risen to the point of serious conflict, resulting in Hayama trying to think of the dirtiest possible thing to exact revenge, attacking what he seems to value most.
Tags - Netorare
Una pequeña mirada de los deberes de reina, y los derechos de una mujer para conseguir lo que quiere, con un poco de ayuda, por supuesto. Sexo explicito.
Chiharu has come into possession of an unusual, yet familiar, necklace. When the Flower Spirit within the necklace takes over her body, Chiharu/Mii wants to fulfill the fertility goddess' desire to reproduce. Densuke finds himself dealing with a girl whose boobs may be too much for even him to handle.
Raphtalia meets Lupusregina Beta, one of her classmates - who quickly asks her a favour. Things quickly spiral out of control from there, to the point where Raphtalia finds herself succumbing to some of her most basest desires, all behind the back of Naofumi.

[NTR, Lupusregina has a dog dick, mind break, rough sex, loads and loads of cum, dubcon to con]
What happens when you mix the Ultimate Despair, Teruteru's famous soup, and a whole lot of gratuitous smut? Nothing good, I'll bet.

A drugged-up orgy from the perspective of the cutest programmer. Contains bisexuality, in case that's not your thing.
Zero Two and Hiro have a steamy encounter in the cockpit of strelitzia (Contains Graphics depictions of sex, rated M as a result)
When Mirellia Q Meldromarc, Queen of the kingdom, offers Naofumi a reward of his choice for his service in the fight against the waves. Naofumi asks for a Price that ends up netting him far more than he could ever hope for. (RATED M for graphic depictions of sex) (Characters are OOC, deal with it)
One Punch Man

Tatsumaki gets raped by Golden Sperm.

Warning: dark, rape, foot odor, footjob, cervix penetration. 
Valmet wakes up at night to see Koko standing over her bed. She soon finds out that her dream of spending some time with Koko finally happens.
High School DxD fic, commissioned by annonymous.

In an alternate turn of events, the peace talks between the three factions breaks down, and Azazel retreats to his chambers in anger. Grayfia takes it to herself to convince Azazel not to leave. But Grayfia herself might have gotten more than she bargained for when a third party joins the fray.

Content warning: Anal, threesome
A silly little story about Kirishima building a harem for himself. Will update new chapters as I have time, aiming to have all of class 1-A and maybe a few pro heroes conquered by the cute dumbass redhead boy.

All characters 18+ set in future AU so I take some liberties with the timeline.

Breeding, Cheating, My Hero Academia
{Commissioned by anonymous}

Katsuki Bakugou had been typically avoided by his peers, his hot heated nature only manageable by some. However, after managing to seduce one of the pretty girls in his class, Ashido Mina ended up overhearing the entire thing, the pleasured moans revealing his identity. Thus, began the rumors surrounding Katsuki Bakugou.

Tags - Harem, Smut.
[RWBY] Yang doesn't seem to approve of you dating Ruby at all, but in the middle of the night she has a funny way of showing it as she slips into Ruby's bed and has sex with you beside her sleeping sister. Anonymous commission. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
Scáthach from FGO treats the MC to a variety of "instructive sexual treats" as reciprocation for the romantic affection he displays towards her. If you're down with mild femdom, shortstack transformation, and more conventional sexual content with  Scáthach herself, this is that.

Set during the events of volume 5, Yang's journey to reunite with her family runs into some complications that leave her broke and desperate.

A commissioned piece meant to be a redux / continuation of something I posted a long time ago under a different name.
Naruto received a gift that allows him to stop time. He uses this gift for his own pleasure, and to get back at those that have done him wrong.
Saint Chronica's Academy is getting a new teacher and she is assigned to the class of Kodaka, Yozora and Sena as well as becoming the new moderator of the Neighbor's club. Things change drastically when Rika discovers the teacher's not so little secret.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is to some people also known Hagenai

Marcella Highthorn (original) © Maxbass
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai © Yomi Hirasaka & Buriki
The females of six Jump worlds are all suddenly being raped and assaulted by the men of their universes. Now they must all work together in order to change things back to normal. Will they succeed? 

Themes: Loving Sex, Rough Sex, Exhibitionism

Summary: In which Mamako doesn't fail to notice the effect her Bikini Armor has on her darling son... and decides to do something about it.

Through misfortune Rias winds up having to marry Riser Phenex as per the arranged Marriage agreement, luckily for her the Maou that is her brother Sirzechs, has a rather unique proposal for her. One that brings to light his rather unusual fetish, and a rather startling revelation involving him and women other than his wife Grayfia. All it takes is seduction to save her from a lifetime of misery being Riser's unwitting trophy.
{Commissioned by anonymous}

Lelouche Vi Britannia is fresh off of acquiring his Geass. One of his first victims happened to be the voluptuous woman, Villetta. Before he leaves after luring her out of her knightmare, and successfully stealing it, the young man decides to have a little fun with her body whilst simultaneously trying out his newfound powers.
Hikigaya ends up dating Orimoto and they fuck.

This is actually a story I commissioned from another author who wishes to remain anonymous.
Nana Shimura, still the active wielder of One For All, saves Midoriya from the sludge villain. Afterwards, thanks to the unintentional awakening of the quirk he didn’t even know he had, she desperately wants him to breed her. (Izuku/Nana Shimura, Izuku/Momo)


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