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After crash-landing on a planet, Samus must pay for repairs by lending a hand to the local genetics institution - by getting bred by a huge, heaving stallion.

Lost on a strange planet on his way back from hell, Doomguy meets a figure in an orange power suit. They hit it off, and he teaches the beautiful bounty hunter about human sexuality.

Just something light and fun for a change. I’ve never played metroid myself, but I’ve heard Samus described as an innocent figure, raised by bird people, with no real human contact. At least until later games.

Perspective: Male.
Themes: Meeting in combat, mutual curiosity, innocence, sexual exploration.
This is the tale of a Samus clone named Susan Mara. She was designed to specifically for sex. 

Sex scenes are now depicted in blue text if you want to hop straight to them.
An alternative Super Metroid story with lots of alien sex.
Samus Aran, the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter, is tracking down an alien sex-slave trafficker. Things don't go to plan, as she falls into his clutches and becomes his willing fuck-slut...until the drugs wear off.

Legendary Bounty Hunter Samus Aran has slightly changed her profession!

Once the cool and untouchable Bounty Hunter, she has become a professional procurement agent of strange alien lifeforms. Oh and she makes extra money by also collecting semen and eggs from these animals.
And look at that, she abducted you to help her with the entire thing. What a crazy coincidence.

Complete for now. Might write more if i have a good idea or someone comes up with a neat premise.
In a surprising upset, Ridley finally defeats Samus. He intends to gloat, torture her, and show his crew who is the greatest enemy of the world. The famed bounty hunter, however, manages to win him over with a trade.

She didn't think it through.
She’s killed him countless times. But he keeps coming back, and now Samus has another problem to deal with. She can’t stop thinking about the glimpse she’s gotten of Ridley, and if nothing else, she needs to satisfy her curiosity.


(Samus/Ridley, dubcon, rough sex, facefucking, outercourse, choking, bukkake, cock worship, mindbreak. Not a Bad End.)
A young man awakens from a painful sleep to see that he is tied down to a chair of a ship's lounge, he quickly discovers that he is being held by the renowned bounty hunter Samus who seems to think he's an intruder! A rather cute one at that. She decides to do some "unique" interrogation... 

A nice little one shot I'm doing at the request of a friend of mine, hope y'all like it!    
The universe's most desired woman--one miss Samus Aran, has a latex bondage fetish, and indulges herself at a special GF facility.

This story is 100% consensual, light-hearted bondage fun, with scenarios on the deep end of the kink pool. As an inexperienced submissive, Samus experiences an escalation of kinks with each appointment she makes, with the third appointment going beyond her wildest fantasies. The fourth, however, (chapter 2) goes even further.
During a short stop on a dangerous planet, Samus picks up stowaways: a pair of hulking shemales with voracious sexual appetites. If she flies them to the next sector, they'll let her go...or so they claim.

After a routine bounty turns sour, Samus is left at the mercy of an alien auction with far too many unfriendly faces. (My first foray into pornographic writing, let me know if anything's amiss)
Samus's mission to hunt down a rumored super weapon takes a sexual turn when an augmentation to her suit causes it to malfunction and make her go nearly mad with lust. Not the hunt is on for whoever can sedate her lust in this fuck or be fucked gang of hunters.

Commissioned by scribEyeSteak

Tags: Monster on girl, dubious consent, tentacles, rough-fucking
With her Power Suit destroyed, Ship crashed, and Zero Suit worse for wear, Samus is all but defeated. Until a mysterious creature, more amorphous than solid, promises to help her with the low cost of her bodily fluids to help keep it sustained. The creature was good to its word, and so worn like her Zero Suit, Samus conquered the Space Pirates.

Now she had to walk out into public with it on.

Commissioned by 2032, see my bio for more information!
Drifting through the vast, limitless void of space, Samus Aran has set off on a trail of confusion left in the wake of endless reports within the Federation. The Space Pirates had returned in full force, attacking Federation bases at random. Yet, when a strange report comes in about her being sighted, her path is renewed. 
A story about Samus getting fucked by space pirates. Very original!

Also a sequel to this story: //

And as you can tell, also co-written by (besides myself) these two fine folks:
After being ambushed and brought to near death by her alien doppelganger, the SA-X, Samus finds herself going from hunter to hunted. Cornered and at odds with the weaknesses of her new alien biology, the timely intervention of an unlikely savior spares her from certain doom. But is all as it seems? Or has a fate more gruesome and disturbingly intimate befallen the galaxies greatest bounty hunter?
On the planet Astolf-0 can apparently be found a plethora of upgrades for the power suit that Samus wears. After yet another battle which removed her upgrades and weaponry, she lands there, unaware that this pleasure planet held plenty of secrets and threats...

An art trade I made with an artist named HornedRam, who drew the illustration and permitted me to use it.
Samus Aran is, shockingly, captured by Space Pirates, who have their own plans for the bounty hunter who has bested them time and time again.  And again.  ...And again.  They'll just have to get back at her just as many times, won't they?

(Multi-chapter.)  (Mind break, addictive cum, noncon to eventual dubcon, blowjobs, weird alien dicks, huge loads.)
Samus gets more than she bargained for (and becomes their willing fuck-toy) when she tries to take on a crew of space pirates.  
Samus answers a Federation distress signal… but it's a trap by an old enemy that just won't stay dead. Now she's is trapped in a nightmare she'll have to fight harder to escape than any she has ever faced.
This story was co-written by Kingtoll88!

The Galactic Federation tasks Samus Aran to get intimate with various specimen in order to maintain the legacy of the Chozo.

Ch.1: Slutty Zero Suit Samus, skintight bodysuit, fucking machine, internal cameras / x-ray views, slight cum-inflation
Ch.2: Futa Dark Samus, futa x female in mating press, breeding sex, impregnation, detailed fertilization with x-ray views, phazon sperm corruption, massive cum-inflation, lactation
Samus Aran is captured by Meta Ridley and ferally raped and subjected to sexual depravity in a methodical attempt to break her down and warp her into a cum-guzzling fucktoilet. 

Commissioned by Anonymous 

[Metroid] After beating Ridley yet again, Samus' encounters a strange nebula on the way home. All of a sudden, her ship and her suit both betray her, and the very machinery comes alive to fuck her! Turns out Ridley isn't completely out of tricks, but that's fine - he'll never beat Samus Aran. Never.

(F/Tentacles, Noncon, Power Struggle, Machinery, Suit Bondage)
A defeated and delirious Samus is captured by the SA-X and brought before a whole force of clones of herself equipped with a special 'tool' meant to induce things within the bounty hunter that will soon have her forgetting all about her mission. Anonymous commission.

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