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Steve visits his grandmother but hypnosis comes into play as he takes her under his control, using her body for his kinky pleasure...
A simple spell goes wrong and a man finds himself with the power to hypnotise, asked to cause chaos while he fucks his way through the village and controls the world beyond...
Macy, her mother Maddie, and later their cousin Michaela, discover the joys of lactation and the ecstasy of lesbian incest!
When her teenage son and daughter won’t stop fighting, a mother forces them to confront the true cause of the tension between them. But she might wish she hadn’t.
One poor fox is bound on his birthday and abused by the ladies in his family, cock milked and teased to dubious consent...

Themes: Incest, Genderbending, Breeding

Summary: After eating one too many Impossible Burgers, Evan Johnson wakes up in a woman's body. She knows she has to get to a doctor right away... but before she can get out of the house, she runs into her brother.

Emma and her two daughters make a movie to show her little sister what she's missing by not coming to visit for Christmas.

Futa and incest content.
An overdeveloped twenty-something is basically a free-use slave to her little brothers, who are both younger than ten, and their massive cocks! Will they actually get anything done today? Or will they just waste the day fucking? 

I mean... probably the second one, right? 

Anonymous Commission.
It's quite the decision to tell your daughter that she can use your body if she gets good grades. And it's even more... intimidating when she actually manages it. But she did, and now it's time to follow through.
When he has the chance to abuse his hypnotised mother, he's not going to pass up such a chance to live out his kinky fantasies...
Steve finds a ring on a university field trip that hypnotises women and turns his kinky attentions on his cruel mother and wickedly sexy sister...
A son and mother cum to a mutual understanding about their relationship.
During Christmas dinner, while her family enjoys a quiet meal, Linzy gives her mentally challenged cousin the gift of her tight holes. Linzy's a hole for the holidays and she's about to get a gift that'll keep on giving for the next eighteen years!

[Anonymous Commission]

Merry Christmas!
When he finds himself able to hypnotise women and bend them to his will, Mark takes advantage in the best and worst of ways, taking his mother and his grandmothers in hand. Never again will they stand up against him as he lives out every last one of his kinky fantasies, taking them public and spreading his control further and further...

Who knows where he will stop as the sexy escapades never stop!
A depraved and sex hungry mother with a  thick cock decides to use growth drugs to turn her cute teen son into a busty femme fuck slave.
This was a older commission (August) that I did for a friend.

If you like what you have read, consider supporting me!
Commissioned by and in collaboration with Anonymous.

She's the chief of police of the most crime-infested district in Bay City, but that doesn't stop Anna from being a great mom. Her parenting style might seem a little unconventional inappropriate, but it has kept her son on the straight and narrow so far.
Stephany makes a bet with her son that he can’t beat No Nut November. What starts as an innocent challenge slowly degrades into Stephany trying to get her son to bang her at every turn. How will her son cope when his mom starts playing dirty?

Tags Include: Incest, Excessive Cum, Teen, Cheating from Incest
A lonely 1950s housewife ruins the cake for her son's 18th birthday, which serves as the last straw in her life of secrets and repression. Will there be cake come next year?

Keywords: MILF, mother/son, housewife, 1950s, Americana, dog, voluptuous, romance, voyeurism, foodplay, sizeplay, messy

(Inspired partly by and )
When a mother and son get snowed in with no power, they find new ways to stay warm.

This story contains incest
When Rob allows his sister to move in to help her get back on her feet, he's pushed to the edge as she ignores house rules.

Warning: This story contains incest and rape
A daughter learns something surprising about her mother and chooses to handle it in a mature, reasonable fashion.
Just after his eighteenth birthday, Sam finds a strange rock. It slowly changes him and the women around him. Corruption and depravity wend their way into the lives of Sam's mom, his sister, and his married neighbor.
"It's a minor sacrifice!" Dr. Desman had said to Rosa while scheduling the operation that would remove her four limbs. The poor girl couldn't have thought of a worse predicament. Little she knew that the gate to hell was in fact the front door of her own house. 

A Caring Family is meant to be a slow tale of humiliation and degradation, don't expect me to cut corners!
Tags may be added afterward, refer to chapter 0.
Sarah a generic white bread soccer-mom is stalked and kidnapped by her evil identical twin sister Samantha who was kicked out by their parents when she became a goth stripper, whore and pornstar. Now Samantha wants her identical twin back on her terms. 

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