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More or less, here's where I'll be uploading polls to decide which story I should work on. 
Drabbles based on ideas I just never fleshed out on or wrote stories on.
Drabbles mean exactly 100 words, so these are short. Some chapters may say otherwise, but those counts are wrong.
No sex in these chapters, just the lead up to plot that never happens. Just a story to blueball you unless I decide to write any more.
Story featuring Lesbian & Unbirthing: Innovative company RELA houses and stores hundreds of genetically altered humans known as "Lactanians". Immortal milk-producing creatures, Lactanian's reproduce by accepting a willing human into their reproductive systems. Victoria arrives at RELA's insertion clinic with only one goal: escape her old life and embrace a new one. But will giving herself to RELA's scientists be the solution she's hoping for?
Fallen angel Remi had only a few things she had ever wanted from humans even after being branded a sinner before the birth of Christ. First, it was only semen and carnal pleasures but then the humans invented lollipops, smart phones and anime.

Prostitution for semen and basic goods without going too far to risk being tainted by the sin of greed.
Sean is sick and tired of his younger sister's bitchy attitude, so he decides to teach her a lesson she'll never forget with a little help from hypnosis!
A commission & cursory chronicle of a buxom bitch inexplicably tasked with getting herself OBSCENELY impregnated by an endless parade of horny horses.

Based on this story:
And thankfully OK'd by the original author: overlyendowed
February Commissions are opened, please read inside on how to get your story selected!
A blonde at the gym enjoys the workouts at the gym, but she enjoys random sexual encounters with the random people at the gym more.
An anthology series featuring monster girls of all shapes and sizes, maybe even a few monster guys if I'm feeling generous to the ladies! Lamia? Yup! Slimes? Sure! That random monster you ran into in your RPG and had the odd urge to fuck? Rather specific, but why not?! 

Monster girls are fun to write, draw, fap to, and dream of. I'm only doing my part and adding fuel to the fire! 
Alice is suddenly expelled from her city dweller life, because she's also expelled from being human.

(Overall story arc planned out - will be a VERY long text, prob. over 500,000 words. It's also an experiment: EVERYTHING takes place now, in real time, through Alice's eyes.)

LAST UPDATE: 2020-01-31 22:00 UTC
Featuring Toriel and Frisk from Undertail. Features lots of mind control, impregnation and various clean kinks (except for a little watersports). Original author: Crossman. Whole text available 

I rewrote most of the story.
Please comment, I read them all! 
Just a short navel tickling story.
So this was a commission I did for a Sofurry user.

Unlike other commissions, people wanted this to be continued, but since this was a commission, what you read here is what you get unfortunately.

It contains Shemale on Femboy, Anthro X Human, and some minor-ish Raceplay.

If you like what you saw, feel free to commission me or donate via Paypal!

Also Patreon is fine too.
Companion story to THIS PIC RIGHT HERE

Just a tidy chronicle of exactly how three bitches wind up being converted into live-in cumdumpsters for a battleship full of licentious inmates.
Heroic women are captured and brainwashed into obedient pet-girls by perverse Monsters. 

WARNING: Extremely Scat-intense. Don't read unless interested in such material. Also fursuit!

Commissioned by: Anonymous
Freeuse Fun with a new hero Magic Marco. Expect tons of cum

The story nobody waited for.
Stories about the BNWO. If you dont know what that means, dont read it. Seriously.
Features a ton of interracial, black supremacy, BLACKED, etc.
Este sitio entre mis favoritos de navegar por indulgencia me llama la atención pero me gustaría charla para empezar como subo imágenes i rápido porfas
It was another sleepless night for Amy.
She tossed and turned in bed, frustrated, trying to shut off her mind. But it was hopeless.

Themes: Slutty, Gloryhole, Rough Sex

Summary: In which a sex bomb of an English Teacher has a little fun in a gloryhole back behind her school... all is just peachy. Or so she thinks.

Nicholas and Brittany's marriage has become a boring routine and the two are drifting apart.  When Brittany starts going out every night, her suspicious husband follows her and discovers the white women in town share a dark secret that shocks him to the core!  But to find out more, he has to be disguised as a woman, something his wife is disturbingly eager to help with.  By the time it's all over, "Nikki" will never be the same and neither will their marriage!
An agent of a government agency for tracking monsters tracks his first contact with a den of kobolds, finding that a gap in their English lands him as their new favorite mate.
Full Title: Conquering a Fantasy World is Easy When You Have a Big Gun and a Big Dick

This will be an ongoing story following Kovin, a space marine, who is pulled into a fantasy world where he is going to have to fight and fuck his way through the many challenges he will come across.

The second arc is out. (Ch 5-8) Kovin and friends take on the beginner's dungeon, only to find out that it has gone out of whack. This arc has a lot of fighting, culminating in a pretty sweet sexual encounter.
Amber can't get any release without Nick.

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