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A Mobius Final Fantasy FanFic.

Sophie surprises one of her friends in a peculiar situation. How will she handle wich that discovery?

Tags: Anal, Bukkake, Cunnilingus, Deepthroat, Defloration, Gangbang, Handjob, Oral
Illua the Nightshade, deadly leader of the crime syndicate Khamja, is settling a new contract with a lesser criminal organization when its leader, knowing her reputation, suggests they seal the deal with a blowjob. 

Illua, a depraved but unashamed cockslut, is happy to oblige. 

(Bangaa -- basically lizard dudes from the Ivalice games.  Hemipenes/double cocks.  Oral sex.  Cum swallowing.  Degradation.  Prostitution kink.)
A Mobius Final Fantasy FanFic.

The Warrior of Light leaves to meet his elder, leaving Princess Sarah in Garland's care. And the seasoned Heretic has his own plans how to handle her.

Tags: BDSM, Deepthroat, Dub-Con, Humiliation, Masturbation, Oral, Spanking, Toys, Voyeurism 
Ancile, Xelia, and Tsuni travel to Ancile's tribe deep in the wilds of the Gridanian Forest, what trials await them?

((WARNING!: This is a LONG story.))

Partial Original Story Credit and Original Character belongs to respective owner.

Edits done by Me.
[FFX-2] Having built a fucking-machine equipped with a giant rubber dick, Rikku is eager to take it for a ride. But will she really be able to handle her latest creation?

Chapter 2: As suggested in the comments, this one is a marlboro simulator, complete with eggs!

Contents: F/machine, vaginal and anal penetration, large insertions/stomach bulging, lube inflation. Chapter 2 also has bondage, double penetration and simulated oviposition.
A Mobius Final Fantasy FanFic.

The young princess is curious to explore the lands around the castle... and finds more than she bargained for.

Tags: Anilingus, Asphyxiation, BDSM, Fisting, Forniphilia, Lesbian, Slavery
Xelia gets more than she bargained for when a gathering expo goes wrong!
Rikku's attempt to tease Kimahri while he bathes turns into a hard lesson in what a Ronso can do when pushed and encouraged into getting rough with a petite blonde in need of a good fucking. Commission for simo09
Xelia and Ancile go out on the hunt after discovering their food supply is empty and Xelia gets a little carried away...

Original Story Credit and Original Character belongs to respective owner.

Edits done by Me.
When the Warriors of Light have the opportunity to change Jobs, Arc sees it as a chance to stop being the group's White Mage. Refia is quick to remind the bottom-heavy femboy of his real role in the party.
Did you notice that Aeris wasn't wearing a bra in some of last year's trailers? Perhaps there was some truth to those rumours of her selling more than flowers after all...

Contents: M/F, prostitution, vaginal/anal/oral, size difference, stomach bulging, spanking, hair pulling, a rough and messy facial, some dirty talking/humiliation.
Sahja hates the man who hired her. He’s a gutless pushover, he’s nearly broke, and he can’t keep his eyes off her chest. Everything she remembers about talking to him makes her sick. So he’ll just change what she remembers.

Commission for Radec23.
A Mobius Final Fantasy FanFic.

The Warrior of light and Sarah live together in the village Omega now. And they need to discover a way to discard the warriors boredom.

Tags: Vanilla sex, implied incest (to make things clear: none of the characters are related by blood! It's just that they believe/pretend to be for... reasons. I explain in the first few paragraphs of the story.)
Rikku, the traitorous, filthy Al Bhed girl, is new to the party, and already testing Kimahri's limits on the Shoopuf ride. How will he make his frustrations known?

Well, he's a giant, hyper-virile beast. Once they get to Guadosalam, he'll do exactly what one would expect!

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In the middle of celebrating a foreign holiday, Yugiri Mistwalker finds herself in the company of two of the Warriors of Light, a married hyur man and au ran woman. The celebrations themselves had certainly been enjoyable, but maybe the night could be more so.


(Based off the 5th anniversary live stream that had a scene where Yugiri radiated DTF energy)
Tifa calls Wedge's tab in this story that serves as a lewd prequel to the events of Final Fantasy VII.
Final Fantasy X story commissioned by 200MilesToOregon. Takes place in the same universe as Abandoned by Yevon.

Kimahri. Brave warrior. Loyal guardian. Disgraced Ronso.

After being teased one too many times about his broken horn, Kimahri snaps and kidnaps Yuna, Lulu and Rikku. Time for Kimahri to prove that he is a true Ronso after all.

Content warning: rape/non-con, anal

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In which Tifa Lockheart is a massively hung futanari dominating countless attractive women, starting by using magic to  turn Cloud into a busty blonde bimbo bride.

Check out my 
Hammerhead was one of the best places to go for when you needed work done on your vehicle. Truck to sports car and everything in between, they could take care of anything you needed. And at the head of the mechanics was a woman who could walk the talk she gave.

Cindy also doesn't mind lying back and taking it.

Anonymous Commission, see the bio for more information.
While 'the boys' get to have their fun properly attacking a SHINRA installation, Tifa is on distraction duty playing doe-eyed gangbang girl to a bunch of guards when she wishes she could have some fun instead.

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After a day of hard work, Aayla and Venka go to a bar for a drink or two.  Or at least, that’s what Venka envisioned.  Instead, Aayla gets drunk and starts rambling about her preference in partners.

Tags: Final Fantasy XIV, FFXIV
The nation of Alexandria is now at peace, everyone looks to the future, but who would suspect one love letter might change the paths of so many?

Contains: Sex, Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Romance
Major spoilers for FFIX story

Note: The first 2/3 are setup and comedy, to jump to the lewd just search "lewd"!
Final Fantasy X series commissioned by 200MilesToOregon

Through various circumstances, Spira has turned into a place where women are regularly anally raped by men and fiends alike.

Content warning: rape/non-con, anal, bestiality, creampie

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Abandoned ruins are home to many things, including traps, treasure, and monsters. Sahja is very good at handling each of them, individually. A monster that looks like treasure is something else.

Commission for Radec23.
Ancile awakes late at night and decides to indulge herself with one of her new housemates.

Original Character belongs to respective owner.

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