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My first attempt at a story like this. Imperial Guardsmen selected by the Death Spectres for a very special purpose. 
Soldiers of the Cadian 8th are locked in a stalemate with an ork warband that learns the value of female human prisoners.

This story contains:

Interspecies Sex (ork - human)

Lesbian Sex (female Guardsmen)

Public / Exhibition
A story on the misadventures and deeds of a Slannesh corrupted Nobleman and his perveted and debased desires in the world of Warhammer 40k

(There is violence, although fairly light in this chapter, and Body Horror)
Random snuff story about Tzeentch . (Warhammer) Warning low quality. 

After successfully obtaining magical mushrooms, a goblin tribe raids a human village for its human bounty.


Fantasy Bestiality (Goblins, Giant Spiders, Wolves)

Lesbian Incest (Mother-Daughter, Sisters)

Pregnancy (Creatures, Eggs)
An Imperial Guard veteran is demoted and sentenced to repeat basic training with her son in the White Helmets.

This story contains Mother-Son Incest.
Slaanesh dominates the galaxy starting with the chaos gods.
On conquered Terra, a captured sister of battle will be forced to accept the glory of Slaanesh.

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A scatterbrained Inquisitor stationed in the border worlds between the Imperium and T'au Empire doesn't realize the value of something he managed to nick from one of his rivals. He leaves the precious cargo in the care of a member of his Inquisitorial retinue, an ex-sister of battle named Palatia. She makes sure their guest feels right at home aboard the Inquisitor's ship. Features Lesbian BDSM.
A High Elf enclave, ruled by a Matriarchal council of 8, are running dangerously low on Vitality Water, an addictive sexual stimulant that can only be sourced from a secluded spring in Lustria.


Incest (Mom-Son, Mom-Daughter, Aunt-Nephew)

Bestiality (Elf-Horse)

Adonis was just a beggar on the street of a planet that the Imperium was not concerned with, where law was little and food was short- but one day, a man appeared with a promise of food and pleasures, courtesy of Slaanesh. 
A lot of food, and a fuckton of pleasures awaited him.

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Fun, wholesome, plot and character driven porn in a grimdark universe, as an Inquisitor and his gang set out adventuring across the galaxy. Lots of sex, lots of character and relationship development. First few chapters are random banging and it rolls into plot around episode 6.

Mild NC in chaos chapters (1, 20, 23), none elsewhere.
Cadian girl episodes are dorky group sex.
Medicae and Knight are lucky guys.
Everything has romance eventually.
Random snuff story about Morathi. (Warhammer) Warning low quality. 
Random snuff story about Morathi. (Warhammer) Warning low quality. 

Canoness Hippolyta led her Sisters to hunt down the traitor Miriael Sabathiel. They thought she could be so easily caught, but they were the ones being hunted. Now the hunters have become Miriael's captives, and Miriael begins to corrupt Hippolyta and her closest allies against the Emperor, turning them into her slaves.

Includes: Mind Break, Bad End, NonCon, Demons 
A potential series of smutty stories set in the Warhammer 40K universe, where people find some time to bone among the "only war." Ogryns, tech priests, tau... everything's fuckable.
Kerillian has a run of bad trouble, running into a troll who has been blueballed for so long that it's more interested in cumming than eating. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the troll is not the only thing to find her.

contains: Smegma, smell, filth, nasty cum, mind break.

Chapter 1: troll
A Tau Water Caste ambassador, Fio'rra, is captured by a dark eldar arena queen, the failed Scourge Archon Eraza. It seems that the destiny awaiting her is an eternity of torment, unless she can turn the situation to her advantage, and make a place for herself in the lethal politics of Commorragh.

New entry in my Dark Imperium 'series'. Oh, Commorragh! See the sights, meet new people and be the best yourself you can be! If you want to support what I do, rate, comment and favourite the story!
Long has the blood of Ulthuan been spent in defence of the Asur's homeland, and their population has dwindled as a result. Looking to find ways to increase their fertility rate, Teclis has conducted relentless research into the matter, only to come up short.

Yet when he is suddenly betrothed to a Norscan wife, he may yet find that the answer lies with the mortals, and he will be in for some hot, steamy action.
An entry in my Dark Imperium fancanon, Iron Soul tells the tale of two skitarii in the wartorn Sector Gothic of the far future of the 41st milennium. They face necron invasion and ghosts from their past as they struggle to survive.

Iron Soul aims to give the reader an authentic, immersive inside look into the Warhammer 40,000 extended universe. Be on the lookout for new entries and chapters in the Dark Imperium 'series' sporadically.
An entry in my Dark Imperium fancanon, Faith Provides tells the tale of Connie Amaretto, a sister of battle in the wartorn Sector Gothic on the dark side of the great rift, as she comes of age in the grim darkness of the far future, where there is only war.

Faith Provides aims to give the reader an authentic, immersive inside look into the Warhammer 40,000 extended universe. Be on the lookout for new entries and chapters in the Dark Imperium 'series' sporadically.
When Grom the Paunch's invasion of the elf homeland goes far better than it could have, the goblins have an overabundance of female High Elf prisoners. Luckily, goblins know exactly what to do with such a bounty
Hellebron the Blood Queen has long lived beneath the shadow of Morathi, First of the Hag Queens, but a fortunate discovery with the Cauldrons of Blood will finally tip the scales in her favor. Commissioned by anonymous.

Kerillian has been tracking a minotuar herd for days, trying to decide if the brutish beasts can aid in the fight for Ubersreik. When she disguises herself to hid among them, she finds herself on a path to corruption. Can she fight the urges rising in her to kill her target and save herself?

Warning, contains,: Excessive cum, corruption, non-consent/reluctance, smegma, scent and stench play, and transformation.

A Vermintide commission.
A guardswoman is being taken to the Warp by a daemonette who loves using her cock and strength to turn another weak woman into her precious slave. Oh and my oh my, didn't the girl's bellybutton look so deliciously cute?

Includes: Futa on female, futadom, belly button sex, master and slave talk, nonconsent, mind break
A Magos Biologis on a Rogue Trader vessel is infected with scrapcode, driving her to make sure she and her female crewmen reach their full breeding potential.

Appreciate any and all feedback.

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