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{Commissioned by anonymous}

Ay devised a plan to severely weaken the strength of Kumogakure's competition, plotting to eliminate the esteemed Senju bloodline. In this universe, ninjas and civilians have been separated since birth. If the two were to breed, the child they would conceive would be incapable of harboring Chakra, and thus being rendered ordinary. Thus, Ay uses this to his advantage, vowing to eliminate Tsunade Senju's bloodline.
{Commissioned by anonymous}

After years of training, away from home. Naruto is itching to test his abilities on a mission, irritating the Hokage in the process, with his lack of interest in catching up together. As a form of payback, Tsunade promises him a "special mission", which ends up being none other than serving her for the day, but he is bribed by a "hefty reward". One thing leads to another, and well, you know the rest.
After seeing Naruto leave the academy late one day after getting detention, Sakura and Ino head to his house to see if they can cheer him up.
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The sequel to An Awakening. A dream revealed the truth. Sasuke is an incubus - a creature of sex and sorcery. His formerly ordinary life will never be the same, but one question remains. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Sasuke/Harem, more details inside.
A commissioned piece featuring Hinata falling victim to Tayuya's immense bitchbreaker.

An ancient prophecy that had been long forgotten, it foretold the return of Vigoor Emperor but will be defeated by Sage of Greater Fiend with the blood of Crimson Eyes. His name is...Naruto Uchiha of the Uchiha Clan, the neglected son of Minato and Kushina and older brother of Kimiko, the heir to Madara Uchiha and Indra's reincarnation.

...And this is his tale of power, blood, and his path of supremacy.
{Commissioned by anonymous}

WARNING - CONTAINS NETORARE, SLIGHT RACISM, BLACKED. If any of these tags bother you greatly, I highly recommend not reading this story! This is an extra chapter from a previous story I've written, where Sakura gets a breast expansion and constantly cheats on Sasuke. In this chapter, she will cheat with an OC, a Kumo man who happens to be Karui's father who sports a 14 inch cock.
Just a collection of prompts that I have also posted to my Tumblr account. More details about how prompts are made and such are available inside the story itself.
{Commissioned by anonymous}

Sakura Haruno had begun harboring incestual feelings for her daughter, Hanami (OC) after she was caught masturbating after walking in on her parents having sex. With the help of a perfume that releases a person's secret desires, Sakura finally acts upon the taboo feelings she's held to herself for the past few months..

Contains - Yuri, Incest, Sex Toys.
{Commissioned by anonymous}

Sakura Haruno eagerly awaits the return of her most loved husband, Sasuke. After being unable to see him for so long, Sakura fears that he might not find her attractive anymore. Thus she asks Tsunade to perform a forbidden jutsu on her body, causing her breasts to grow significantly over the next few days, unknowing of the potential side-effects of the jutsu.

Contains - Netorare, Breast-Expansion, Old Man.
The ninjas have a little problem with their chakra, the men has too much Yang, the women too little. Thankfully, there's a solution for that.
Erotic version of the series
Konohamaru's parents went out on a mission, and required somebody to take care of him during their absence. With the passing of the 3rd hokage, and Naruto being out of the village, Konohamaru had nowhere to turn except for Tsunade. Read as Konohamaru progressively becomes aware of his lust for Tsunade, the busty hokage's voluptuous form proving too much for the young ninja.

Contains Teen, First-Time.
Sasuhina -After Naruto becoming hokage he didn't get time to spend with his family, specially hinata that left her lonely. when she sleep alone on her bed at night missing her man warmth against her body.she feel furstrated everyday. one day a knock at her door & she meet this man with Ravin black hair, mysteries mismatch eye & cool calm expressions on his handsome face asking for Naruto.This small meeting is the beingning of start of Hinata's path of Hinata betrayal.
Naruto has become Naruko, and well, even more things are about to change. Everyone has a new agenda; everybody has a new goal. And as for Naruko, well, let's just say she's got a few fantasies she'd like to see come true. Sequel to Naruto's Fetish. More details inside.
Halloween Special: If you like my work please consider supporting my work on . [font="Lucida]Naruto and Chouji are dating but things start getting weird when they start having sex. Thanks to the Akimichi bloodline Naruto is changed, but you can never change the pervert within.[/font]
A voice, a whisper, and a cry. It was always the same, the same dream, the same state of mind, and the same people. Tossing and turning did nothing to help, but as the dream reached its climax, and as her moans rang out across the residential district, Tenten's eyes would forever snap awake. The same dream, the same state of mind, and the same drenched bed.
On paper, Haku Yuki is a private eye working in the city of Konoha. In practice, he is less a detective than a mastermind, and he is fixing to expand his and his wife Mei's influence outside of Kiri. He has the last say in... well, everything, and with a touch like silk but a will like iron, he'll beguile, seduce, and blackmail anyone who dares to stand in his way. [NTR, crossdressing, harem] [commission]

Themes: Rough Sex, Futa, Dom/Sub

Summary: In which Naruko has lost to Sasuko for the last time. It's time to get revenge on the bitch for always beating her in their spars. And what better revenge then seducing and mind breaking Sasuko's sexy MILF of a mom, Mikoto? Of course, Kushina might have something to say about that... if Naruko gives her a chance to speak.

Naruto fic commissioned by //

The post-war life hasn't been kind to Tenten. Her weapons shop is close to going bankrupt, and she's the only one of the girls who never got married or had kids. Is there any hope left? Yes. But not in Konoha.

Content warning: rough sex, anal, gaping, bulging, mind break, electrocution
Sasuke x Hinata

NTR of course

Don't like it? Don't read.
The Hyuga Clan, once at the very pinnacle of power within the Hidden Leaf village. In the era of peace and prosperity however, its might had come into question, and rumors had spread amongst the older populace about whether or not the Hyuga were the greatest. Plans would have to be made, arrangements that defied common sense, and at long last, a deal was made. 
An oppai loli Chouchou Akimichi has enjoyed abnormal sexual development despite being a pre-teen. What could her secret be? It couldn't be throating the white cock and chugging the jizz of some massive adult male from the Mist Village, could it?


After 12 years of inactivity Kushina had finally returned to active duty as Jonin sensei, watch as she motivates her young student to become a powerful ninja.
Shikamaru Nara, a college graduate and a new hire for an advertisement agency, has found himself a new hobby of sorts, an addiction that many would call unhealthy. As he walked in through the doors of his favorite bar, his eyes trailed over the crowd within, scouring the crowd like a predator would its prey.
To smooth things over between their two villages, Tsunade sends Kushina and Sakura to have a private meeting with the Raikage. Once there, he engages them in a sexual wager that sees both women losing, and then winning, big.

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