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It's summertime at the Summoner's Institute! A time for relaxation and rest for both Champion and Summoner alike. Karma more than most finds herself in need of some alone time, and finds no better environment to meditate in than that of a steamy sauna. Unfortunately for her, a team of five unruly Noxian Summoners have had a similar idea... This story is a commission!
Belated Valentine’s Day special!

Vayne, Quinn, Ashe and Caitlyn are called for an emergency summit regarding their plummeting popularity, where a ‘photoshoot’ session with their most famous Heartseeker skins will take place.

It just so happens that Renekton, Alistar, Sion, Trundle and Dr. Mundo show up at the same time!

Chapter 2 is now available on my patreon-only discord server. Sign up for as little as $2 !
As a lot of time passed since the last time Poppy had the chance to have sex, she had to find a place to vent some of her frustation in the middle of a match, unknowingly that someone would consider this as a great opportunity.
Set in a modern AU of League, K/DA, the pop group that in this AU are all sisters, finds out about an impending void invasion. Before they can act upon the information, though, the void's already acted upon them.

Kinks: Forced Sisterly Incest, Body Control, Rimming, Anal, Ass to mouth, Strange Cum, Cumfarting
After mistakenly breaking Tristana’s cannon, Poppy helps her friend. By having people try to break the choker around her neck. With their dicks.

Tags: Prostitution, rough sex, purely oral, lots of cum, shortstack, size difference, stomach bulge

Here it is the first page of a short story with Akali and Qiyana!

As a longtime friend of Lux's, you feel that this Valentine's day is going to be a little more special than ever. As it turns out, she only invited you over because she needed to tell someone about the pressures she's experiencing between her life, the Star Guardians, and keeping both worlds separated. You see she needs some pampering and care, so you try to do your best to tend to her needs.
Anonymous commission.

When trying out a dildo from LeBlanc’s collection, Taliyah unknowingly grabs the sorceress’ own disembodied one, thanks to a cockring imbued with Zoe’s portal magic! The clueless girl teases the majestic futa from several miles away without even knowing it!

Chapter 2 is now available on my patreon-only discord server. Sign up !
Anonymous commission.

The newest member of world famous pop group ‘KD/A’ has made a deal with their record label boss, a savvy and conniving Alistar, and it just so happens to be time to repay the favour.

With her body.

Chapter 2 is now available on my patreon-only discord server! Sign up !
Kha'Zix hunts down the women of League. Fucking and corrupting each until they're all impregnated.
The Dark Star have had enough of Miss Fortune's sass. From her refusal to get bred, to her penchant for dominating Janna, enough was enough. Sold off to a band of pirates to broker peace with the Dreadnova fleet, the former Star Guardian finds herself in unfamiliar albeit horny company... Part two of my 'Breeding a Star Guardian' series! This story is a commission!
The next story is inspired by an unofficial world written by (TheLewWriter) whose world is based around the characters of League of Legends within a private Academy in which only women are allowed. The world is not governed by the norms of wars, nor the academy of war, nor the principal lore. All have their main characteristics.
Watch as the proud military noblewoman Katarina is reduced to a mewling slut by a thoroughly virile Warwick! What depths will she stoop down to over the space of several unfortunate matches in the Summoner's Rift?

Commissioned by the veritable BigBoyChunky. 

All chapters will show up a week earlier on my patreon-only discord server. Sign up !

Chapter 2 is now available!
Commissioned by Anon. Features the KD/A group with various futa ladies, marked by chapter.

K/DA is the newest, biggest upcoming popstar idol group, but being so famous isn't easy. There are a lot of people they need to please, which means they need to get down on their knees a lot. Luckily, the girls of K/DA are more than willing to suck and fuck their way to the top, whether it's spreading their legs for their horny manager or sucking off a prospective sponsor, they'll do it.
Ekko catches word that a beautiful and haughty Empress in the south is on the lookout for a champion to share in her empire and grant her an heir that will secure her legacy. Seeing an opportunity for some action, Ekko decides its time to put the stuck-up brat in her place. Ekko x Qiyana. Commissioned.
Nami and her summoner have been dating for years now, but as a mermaid she lacks a lot of the 'equipment' necessary to really get intimate with him. Luckily for her, her Splendid Staff skin has been announced by the Institute, just in time for her lover's birthday...
Your boyfriend Rakan is never on time for your dinner dates. When he finally does arrive, you can't help but melt from his charming personality. He looks so good in his Tuxedo, and you can't wait to get him out of it later tonight.
Following a crashed party the stars of K/DA decide to cheer up their lead singer in a wholesome group activity to relieve stress and build even stronger bonds.
It gets lonely out there on the high seas, and Sarah Fortune won't risk her crew’s disrespect by banging any of them. So she's brought on a gorgeous young man who’ll fit the role perfectly.

(Miss Fortune/Male, futa on male, some degradation and dubcon, dirty talk, crossdressing, feminization. Could be interpreted as trans)

Charity commission for Librarianon
It’s mating season and there is Nidalee. You know where this is going.

Who will help the huntress sating her needs ? Someone unexpected.

My very first patreon-voted poll winner!

A very bitchy, stuck-up Ahri has come into the rift, late! And in her super slutty KD/A ‘outfit’! It’s the last straw when she starts complaining and ordering the team around, so when the enemy Nautilus roams towards her, ‘/mute all’s are chorused in chat, and the goliath is free to have his way! OH NO!

Qiyana is the new champion in the rift despite the fact that a few more have already left, the summoners still don't find out how to control and dominate her because of her impetuous character. A passionate follower of her ass follows her when she has to leave the game and is distracted in the jungle.
A mild-mannered Lux naively suggests that Shyvana aid her in tomorrows siege of a Noxian encampment. Shyvana, being the proud dragon that she is, has to remind the slender mage of her place.
This story is a commission!
After inexcusable disobedience, a defiant and sexually-inexperienced Syndra finds herself being punished by Ahri. Her powers are taken away by a powerful curse that prevents her from cumming, something she is always reminded of by a sex-hungry tentacle monster living beneath her dress.
As prince, it's hard to find a woman who doesn't want to be with you just for your title and wealth. Perhaps that's why Vayne has always been so alluring, the huntress having him be the one to do the hunting...
This story is a commission!

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