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What's the appeal for Iceborne? The QoL improvements? A playdate with the Serious Handler? An expansion that actually feels like an expansion?

Nah, it's gotta be the gratuitously sexualised busty monster-girls.
Although it's a well-kept secret to those outside the Research Commission, the females of the fleet are really only good for one thing.

Warning may contain: Violent rape, humorous rape, actual heartbreaking rape, bestial rape, other types of rape, cuddle rape, brutal domination of females, free use, dark humor, hand holding, lovingly gazing into eyes, actually painful to behold female delusion, absolutely delightful euphemisms such as "rear crevice" instead of "ass crack", ultra rape
One Huntress. A wide world of adventure, full of excitement, glory, and monsters to slay! Or, it would be if the Huntress in question didn't keep getting fucked mindless by monsters. 
Potions. Necessary for a successful hunt. But what if one made a potion that borrowed the strength of the monsters they slew? Curiosity drove Bellona to this question, too bad for her and her friend, Hipp, it came with some consequences...

Contains: cock growth, hyper, monster cocks

This was a commission, but be sure to swing by my Patreon some time!
As an A-lister of the fifth fleet, I knew what to expect. I would be shipped to the New World to hunt monsters, anthropomorphic beings that kill humans and usually bang each other like partying Guild students. What else was new? Oh wait, I know: I turn into a barroth and embark on a journey of a lifetime... yippee. (pornographic parody)
The new and official guide to the world of monster girls and how to romance them for your average monster hunter. Written by a traveling guildmarm and her bushy eyebrowed lover (test subject). Officially published by the Guild.
A new hunter arrives in Astera but she can't pull her weight. Fortunately the village has other uses for her, as they do for all the female hunters who inevitably fail.
POV shots of some lucky sap getting it on with gratuitously sexualised busty monster-girls, per the bemusing world of Generations Ultimate.

The bone squid is an elder dragon, BTW.
Katrine is a young monster hunter looking to prove herself. She may be in a bit over her head though as her run in with one of the jungle's beast's quickly turns messy. 

I do not own Monster Hunter
Part of a writing trade with the awesome LewdnCrude.

A young shopkeepers daughter takes a break from her days work, only to meet a surprising companion who makes trudging up the mountain actually worthwhile.
A Monster Hunter in the New World comes across a Tobi-Kadachi far from where it should be and decides to find out why. Tobi-Kadachi/Kirin porn. 

(Commission I did for a friend. No idea why anyone would pay for my crap writing but anyway I figured some people on this site might enjoy it.)

Themes: Rough Sex, Breeding, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which the Hunter is given very specific orders in regards to his Handler, with full expectation that he carry them out immediately.

Inspired by the writings of the great LewdnCrude, comes a tale of a man, a monster, and fucking.  Quite a bit of fucking.  
Walk in the wake of the living mountain, stride into the wonders of a new world. Seek out the truth of their crossing, and follow the guiding light of the Sapphire Star. Within the wilds, another monster rises, claws sharper than swords and scales wrought like steel. Hold your weapon high, and face the challenge-

Though for this huntress, getting bent over and fucked senseless by the monsters seems more appropriate!

<Bestiality, natch>
There's a New World out there. As the Guilds move in to study this majestic paradise, there are mysteries to be solved, discoveries to be made. What brings about the Elder Crossing? What ecosystems have been forged here? What is the history of the New World, and what exactly is the blue star-

Ah who gives a fuck, it's a continent filled with gratuitously sexualised bodacious busty monster-girls! 
Monster Hunter is a fucked up game. It is fun, but it is fucked up.

Could you imagine if there was an alternative to grinding? An alternative that involved drugs and letting female group members give birth to juvenile monsters?

I can.
A compilation of stories involving my OC, Sivia Amisum, who is a hunter with the Monster Hunter universe. This includes relations with NPCs of the series and the hunters of friends I hunt with.

Note: I combined my MonHun stories under one series. Descriptions for each story is at the story of it respective chapter.
A series of mostly unconnected short stories about my OC Keera and her... hunting mishaps.
(Each chapter is a different story)

Links to related pictures can be found in the chapters.
The sudden disappearance and reappearance of several women near a small village draws the attention of a huntress in search for glory, but her training reveals useless against the new menace
Naomi is an amateur monster hunter. She was recently sent on a quest to retrieve a wyvern skull from a nest of Velociprey but was chased off by the pack leader and humiliated. 
Now she has hatched a plan to complete her quest, and bring home the glory. But she finds that her plan works a little too well....

I have been playing far too much Monster Hunter on ios, apparently.
The tale of a Monster Hunter who has a fascination for bestiality. My girlfriend tells me there's too much story and not enough sex, but meh. -_-"rwby hentai foundry"bakunyuu"futanari reddit""how my gardevoir became a porn star"pewposterous"bernadetta hentai""paladins hentai""harry potter futanari""shiin hentai""tales of berseria hentai""hentai foundry stories""olivia octavius"spidu"transformation ehentai""kill la kill satsuki""earth chan hentai""supreme kai of time hentai""persona hentai""hentia haven""cambrian hentai""inuyasha hentai"hentiabox"ino hentai"aka6"johnny test hentai""dexters lab hentai""pokemon misty hentai"hentai-foundry"fate hentai""the pit 420chan""peach hentai""afrobull twitter"mangopornhentai-foundryfutanari"harry potter futanari"ebluberryfreecatfights.comdargoth"aka6 hentai""sinner hentai""e-hentai giantess""darkest dungeon siren""incase tumblr"gaussianfracture"raphtalia hentai""ahsoka tano hentai""mind break hentai"kruth666"femdom hentai""code geass hentai""dragon age hentai""rule 34 reddit""nobody in particular futa""hentai news""hellsing hentai""feminization hentai""hentai foundry rwby""horse hentai"neocoronaanasheya"hentai foundry stories"kunaboto"gardevoir porn"sabudengohentifoundryopiumudgamerlana"cum inflation stories""gelbooru animated""slaanesh porn""hestia hentai""doki doki literature club porn"satinminions"danny phantom hentai"teenfuta002