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No matter how much you try, Yang Xiao Long still hates your guts; dating her sister apparently puts you on the permanent shit list. The ever doting and adventurous Ruby thinks she has a solution, but... you sincerely doubt trying to fuck Yang's brains out is going to help.

CW: incest
The younger brother of Weiss, Whitley Schnee, comes to Beacon! He quickly finds himself at the mercy, and pleasure, of the older girls at Beacon Academy. 

Let me know who you want to see catch the youngest Schnee next!
In an alternate world where Yang and Ruby are gyaru, they try their best to convert their teammates, Blake and Weiss, into being their new little toys to play with. Sexually. 
Clear and coated in a thin layer of frost. It always appeared as if her eyes had seen something beyond any of them. When Yang proposed her girlfriend's request, it had been as if those very eyes hardened; the normal complacency replaced altogether by a mild annoyance, a light curiosity and a hint of... vengeful humor?
Adam saved the White Fang. He ended the war, brought about peace and ushered in a new age of prosperity for faunus - an age without bloodshed. Having retired from it all, they lived together now back home in Menagerie, throwing aside their weapons to indulge in the peaceful life they'd always dreamed of. At least, Blake’s sure that was her dream… (Mind Control Adam x Blake x Other Women) Commissioned Work.
A pissed-off Cinder kidnaps Ruby with a plan to bind her mercilessly and turn the huntress into her personal toy. 
(Extreme bondage, Domination, Peril, Suggestive content)
A hyena Faunus has infiltrated Beacon Academy looking to take out the members of team RWBY. Using her animal nature to her advantage, she impales the RWBY girls one by one...with her cock!
It all began on Remnant...and the demon it has brought will only continue to spread his corrupting seed. They cannot be stopped. Only obeyed. But it will be fun to watch it all unfold, won't it? 

All that's left is for YOU to decide where he and his new sexy brood will enter next. Contains: M/F, F/F, possibly M/M, and a few other things, depending on what you want...
Yang loves nothing more than to tear her way across a dance floor after a long week of school. She's the Queen of her domain, with everyone staring on in envy and awe. At least, that's how it used to be - before a challenger known as Cinder Fall stepped up and taught her that sometimes losing can be just as much fun. Soon, Yang will come to realise just how much she can enjoy someone else taking control.
Ruby Rose gets caught in a trap of her own creation. As she attempts to wiggle to freedom a certain very horny and hung kitty Faunus takes the opportunity to claim her.
[font="Lucida]After the Fall of Beacon, Blake returns to Menagerie with Jaune unexpectedly returning with her, not only to regain her bearings after the fall, but also to uncover the reason why Jaune has been having unusual effects on her during her time at Beacon. [/font]
When Weiss swings by to comfort Ruby over a bad fight things end up taking another turn. Sure, Weiss probably shouldn't be doing it, but it feels so good as it happens!
Pyrrha Nikos is your lover, and you thank the stars everyday for what is easily the best thing to ever happen to you. A chronicle of some of your more intimate moments with your mortal goddess. Pyrrha/Reader. Commissioned by lugnut420.

Interested in commissioning a story like this one? Check my profile for details.
Male reader POV, second-person

After Ruby Rose asks you on a date, you feel like the luckiest guy in the world!
That is, until Emerald Sustrai rapes her in front of you...

Rape / Non-con
NTR / Cucking
Forced crossdressing / Feminization
Futa on male
Yang and Ruby have a slumber party! Ruby's ready for gossip and weapon talk and games. Yang's got a game of her own. When Dad goes to bed, the two of them will have a real girls' night out, whether Ruby's ready for it or not.

Interested in commissioning a story like this one? Check my profile for details.
It had been ages since Winter had seen her old friend Roman...although she didn't anticipate meeting him like this, jailed in a pod as shown by Ironwoods. Winter manages to break Roman free, fleeing with him to a distant location where they could be alone together, and catch up on those lost years.
Yang was incredibly horny as she and Blake watched Cardin wreck Pyrrha's pussy and Jaune's masculinity with his giant penis. But things go wrong when the bully sets his sight on the lesbian couple. 

Commissioned story. Commissioner wished to remain anonymous. Sequel to 'Party to Debauchery' written with permission from original author.
With a marriage that's on the rocks due to Ruby's constant desire to protect other people far, far away, Weiss is spending more and more time alone with nobody but her daughter. Her daughter, who has a huge, lustful crush on her father. And one day, things finally reach the breaking point.
For a guy like Jaune who wanted nothing more than to be noticed, to be someone important, unlocking a Semblance which prevented anyone from noticing him at all while it's in use was a painful experience. It's not all bad news, however, especially when it lets him indulge himself with the numerous beautiful women of Beacon, all without them knowing what's happening. Commissioned Work. (Jaune x Schnee women)

Something a little lighter, the girl's from RWBY getting together out of love or lust for some consensual fun. But perhaps with some romance, caring, and growth mixed in? Set in-between scenes, starting before season 1.
It's Valentine's day, and Glynda has invited you to her apartment for what you hope to be a romantic night. When it turns out to be a surprise attempt at being a domme, things fall apart rather quickly. Thankfully, you turn it around for her.
Jaune Salem Arc knew he was the white sheep of the family. Bad enough being part Grimm before you factored in studying at a huntsman academy. Being caught mid-transformation by Velvet, however? That wasn't part of the plan. Promised an out if he takes her on a single date, Jaune agrees. Commissioned work based off White Sheep by Coeur al'Aran
"Hunter of Huntresses? I haven't heard that title in a long time"

I thought I could write this in 12 hours as a new year's gift to rwbysmut4life (who propagated Horse Faunus Jaune) and all the people on his discord server community (except Sandkings321 because he plagiarized me before). It's a month late because I got too attached to it, and made it go from 4000 words to 10000. Enjoy.

Literal Interracial, Big Tits, Big Cock, Maledom, Minor Cheating, Race Kink.
A treatise on the lesson that one should not leave one's rich, beautiful and well-hung girlfriend alone with a sexy blonde bombshell – who happens to be one's older sister – for extended periods of time.
Or: Yang steals Weiss from her little sis.

(Contains futa on female and cheating/pseudo NTR.)
Five years ago, Whiskey had his dreams of being a Hunter dashed by Tai Xiao Long, because of the accusation he focused too much on his semblance. Leaving him high and dry, he dreamed for a chance for revenge against the man.

Then Yang Xiao Long walks into a bar.

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