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For more of my work you can support me on . Tetrax/Ben
Ticked off at how long his cousin's morning routine takes, Ben hatches a plan to ruin it. However, when Ben's prank really only awakens his fetish for female body hair, he starts getting very hot and bothered, and not because it's the summer.

Fancying himself a ladies man was one thing, but Ben never envisioned he'd lose his virginity to the Milf crush of his dreams Drew Saturday. Following the events of the Gameshow he was put on by Zenith where nearly every woman and girl in his life literally competed for his affection Ben is about to embark on a strange unwitting journey to building a harem for himself, starting with Drew Saturday. Then later, Gwen and his mom.
Gwen wants to try out a spell she’s been translating, and Ben owes her a favor, but neither has any idea what the consequences might be…

Update 1/19/20: Part 3!
[font="America",sans-serif]The Tennyson family, at least the males, Rook is curious to see if the rumors are true, they are and then some. Ben’s been packing a 10 incher since he was 10, but once he hit puberty that’s when he really developed. Hyper Sexual Ben/Harem [/font]Ben 10 Omniverse Parody
Commission for El_Heffe, first one ever!
After an embarrassing encounter with a villain. Max decides Gwen needs some specialized training. Little does she know what she's in for.

Warning, contains: Stomach bulging, inflation, non-consent/rape, incest, slapping, punching, and hitting.

A commission.
Ben uses a device from his past to bend every girl he wants into his willing slave girls.
Ben learned something about himself today; he likes to cross-dress.
With Gwen's help, he's about to learn something else; he really likes anal.

Cross-dressing / femboy / feminization
Futa / futa on male / futa on trap
Small penis / premature ejaculation
Luhley has had it with Driba and Blukic constantly trying to earn her affections. When an opportunity to get even with them presents itself, she decides to pay a certain human a visit.

Warning! Contains: Inflation, Stomach bulging and excessive cum.

Comissioned by EndGamer.
Ben Tennyson's life is implausible enough as it is, but it's a whole new level of unthinkable to imagine a bunch of the universe's prettiest alien girls might have their eyes on him. And yet, he's about to find out that that is exactly the case. Anonymous commission.
Gwen shows the world how she really is. Based on Captain JerkPants Selfie.
Ben Tennyson lives a life of astounding aliens and nefarious villains... as well as a cavalcade of horny alien women who just so happen to find the celebrity/superhero to be sexier than a shape shifting Lenopan with an "anything you want baby, I want to please you" fetish!

Commissioned by El Heffe
Well, Ben married Looma, but still runs around seeing Attea. What will happen when both girls find themselves competing?

(male on female, literal interracial, oral sex, threesome, big dick, alien girls)

We all know the crazy adventures Ben, Gwen, and Max Tennyson had on the original Ben 10 tv show, right...? We'll this story takes place the very next year. Much before all that Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse bullshit! No, this tale  is about Ben and Gwen's sexual curiosity on they're next set of summer vacation adventures. And btw this is my very first fanfic soooo tell me what you think.
Empress Attea has the hots for Bullfrag. But when Ben Tennyson emerges, can her love lust remain?

Sure it can, as long as the dick is right.

(literal interracial, rough sex, creampie, ahegao)

Three years have passed since Ben's engagement by duel to Looma Red-Wind. What will happen on their big wedding night?

(spoiler: they have sex)

Commissioned story.

We all know it. Watch the story of how Gwen Tennyson got knocked up by a totally normal guy and how she became a huge slut.
Ben just wanted to have a quiet Thanksgiving with his friends and family, but Attea's gonna give him one he'll never forget.
An older short I never seem to have published. Gwen is raped by a dog at a public beach.

Bestiality, Rape, Public, Swimsuit
Ben finds himself in a situation that may just change his opinions of his cousin Gwen, sex, and life. But mostly sex.
Gwen Tennyson decides to make her breasts into burgers for Ben and Uncle Max.
When Charmcaster finds Gwen and Wildmutt getting it on, a little spell takes Gwen for an Exciting romp through the forest, attached to Wildmutt at the hip.
Gwen gets caught having sex with Ben by Max. Uncle Max then decides that she must be punished.

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