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Step into the world of Lorivas and face a mighty foe, with your very soul and an incomparable prize hanging in the balance! Will you find your way through this perilous world, or give up partway?

(This is a choose-your-own story as a thankyou for 100 fans. Thanks a lot, guys! Tags and content warnings will be adjusted as the story progresses!)

Themes: Consensual, Big Dick Worship, Ahegao, Anal, NTR

Summary: Harry Potter has been the Head Auror at the Auror Office for nearly two decades now. He's done a lot in that time to reform Wizarding Britain's justice system. And sometimes he does a little something for himself as well, when a beautiful woman comes into his office looking for leniency for their husband or family member.

Scott Snow attends Overwatch High where the cast of Overwatch teaches classes for no real legitimate reason other than providing fetish fuel for sexual fantasies.

Watch as he goes through a bevy of classes taught by the lovely (and usually horny) ladies of Overwatch, and catches them sometimes with their pants down.
Don't have time for a long drawn out story? Then you need Quick Fics! Get your fap on fast-style with these short single scene smut-fics suggested as prompts by readers via my  
The moderately naughty adventures of a young bounty hunter in the star wars universe with beautiful Alien women. Why? because lets be honest, human girls are boring...
It may be a little dark, it may be a little loving, it definitely has plot, but essentially naughty.

I am always editing this. Please feel free to point out if i missed something. I'm not perfect.

(Be careful of Story spoilers in the comments) 
[RWBY] Jaune has never really thought of himself as all that dominant before, but when Ruby asks him to let her try submission for the first time and he thrives in the role, he goes from a man who’s surrounded by gorgeous women to a man surrounded by women just waiting for him to come by and give them precisely what they needed. Anonymous commission.
After proving victorious in their final battle, Naruto decides to cement his victory over Sasuke by turning him into a fat-titted woman and fucking her stupid.

Chapter 6, featuring the Mizukage is now up!

Themes: Dubcon, Brainwashing, Mind Control, Breeding

Summary: In which the Protagonist of Fate/Grand Order is a horny young man fully willing to abuse his position and power for sex.
A collection of short stories, featuring different ladies in every chapter, chronicling the fall of many a famous heroine, from various media, video games, books and comics! Note: Contains some racism, cuckolding and rape! Be Warned!

A currently ongoing project with stories written by yours truly: Lordofthecosmos!


(Ps. Let me know if you have any specific characters and/or ideas you'd like to see, and I might take your ideas!)

Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Free Use

Summary: In which Harry wins the war far more decisively than in canon. 

In this modern-day story, the Change has turned many people into elves, dryads, and other supernatural beings. Cecil's an ordinary human who wishes the Change would happen to him, gets what he wished for, and discovers that it's not at all what he expected.

Contains genderswap transformation, huge T&A, monster people, girlcock, cum addiction, and a journey of self-discovery. Pairs fluffy cuteness with a variety of smutty fetishes.

Chapter 23 is up!
Following a different timeline of events All For One is still alive but dying. Nana Shimura is the current OfA bearer and in her prime, feeling as though he needs a successor to demolish Hero Society he choose Izuku and implants a Dark Quirk within him to claim any and all female Pro-Heroes and Students.
Commissioned by Lord of Bones

Ginny Potter has it all; a buff, handsome husband with a massive cock but she has a problem too. Her amazing husband has immense sexual stamina, while Ginny herself is very sensitive and cums like a firecracker before needing rest. Harry doesn't really complain but Ginny hatches a plan to completely satisfy her amazing husband, even if she needs a bit of help from some other girls.
A mysterious Relic allows a wannabe Vault Hunter to become a sexual master, and turn the women of Pandora into horny sluts. As they say, there ain't no rest for the wicked...

Restarted in 2019 for the release of Borderlands 3!

Themes: Omnipotence, Mind Control, Dom/Sub

Summary: In which a young man is gifted omnipotence and dropped into the DC Universe. So, he decides to have some fun with things... starting with Supergirl.
Patreon Story Exclusive (The next two chapters of this story will always be available over on my Patreon!)

Themes: Harem, Dom/Sub, Rough Sex, Multi-Themes

Summary: Arc men are not made to be Hunters. Arc men are in fact made to BREED huntresses. But Jaune wants more than that, so he sneaks off to Beacon anyways. How's that going to go for him?

Throughout the generations and alternate realities of Link's lives, he's always gotten the crap end of the heroic stick. But thanks to a certain beautiful, dark skinned (slightly formerly evil) sorceress he'll finally get the reward he deserves.

...Hijinks ensue.
Come on in and find anime babes from across the spectrum getting down and dirty and unleashing their inner slut. See chapter titles for characters & tags. Character suggestions are welcome! 

Ranma Saotome Ranma 1/2
Various Queen's Blade Characters
Soi Fon. Rukia - Bleach
Ino - Naruto
Ryuko & Satsuki - Kill la Kill
Shuten Douji - Fate
The problem with Semblances is that people came to rely on them, and that you never knew what you were going to get until you got it. Jaune's Semblance allowed him limited control over women, or so he thought, but a single mistake combined with a lack of understanding on how far his Semblance went, causes a cascade effect that will change his life forever. Will involve Beacon and canon characters only from (approx) chapter 5 onward.
The story of a handsome prince who keeps a beautiful elf-girl as his slave.
An anthology of fandom worlds with one major change: the institution of free use. Where all sexual acts are permitted and men are free to do to women whatever they want, to varying levels of receptiveness. Sometimes it's upbeat and the women love it, sometimes they're not so eager with these changes, but in all ways, one thing remains: they can't say no. (L) is for lighter chapters, (D) for dark, (C) is for commissioned chapters because hell yeah you can commission these.
After the prologue events of the battle for Azeroth, Tyrande comes to Anduin with an attractive proposal about the way that the night elves should pay back their hosts. Uncovering the satisfaction in living out his desires, the High King comes up with a plan to take over Azeroth and keep peace in his lifetime.

Most will fall to his feet willingly, others...
A young futa with a big cock gets coaxed into a world where her function is to fuck and impregnate women. 

The story includes futa worship, impregnation, anal, excessive cum, oral, futadom, cuckold and plenty of breeding.

Please let me know how you feel about the story

In this sequel to Dark Days For Darnassus, the Alliance has rescued the night elves from a thousand years of being enslaved cumdumps. Now, Jaina Proudmoore has a lewd plan to rebuild the night elf race.

Themes: Quasi-Incest, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: In which a young man, adopted by two loving mothers with three loving sisters, loves and wants all of them.

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