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Chapter 3 - Ruby Rose


Themes: NTR, Mind Control, Domination, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Kali tries to meet with the White Fang in an effort to keep relations between them and her husband from worsening further. Little does she know, the Fang has seen an extremely recent change in leadership, and Adam Taurus cares little about the costs of seeing his vision realized. The White Fang cell in Menagerie has been given free reign to do whatever is necessary to secure control of the continent.

Chapter 3 - Ruby Rose

Chapter 3 - Ruby Rose
As Ruby squirms a bit, she doesn’t TRULY struggle. Mostly because she knows at this point that escape is not exactly possible. With her hands tied behind her back, a blindfold over her eyes, and absolutely no idea where Crescent Rose was, the young huntress knew she was in an unenviable position, and until she had more information, she was better off just biding her time and staying put.
At least she knew who’d captured her. She’d have recognized those Grimm masks that her attackers wore anywhere. The White Fang… Ruby didn’t have nearly as strong of feelings about the White Fang as say, Weiss or Blake did. She wasn’t personally tied to them at least, they hadn’t tried to kidnap or assassinate her for most of her childhood, nor had she ever been a part of their organization, with perhaps happier times of when it was a group aiming for peace.
But she knew enough to know she rather disliked them. The White Fang were… not good people. At least, not in their current reincarnation. Oh sure, Ruby was sure that there might be good people among them, people that were just in over their heads, but the organization as a whole was just bad now, and that made them her enemies, because she could never stand by while others were using their strength or their power to abuse innocents.
Even still, now it was Ruby who was a victim of a kidnapping, who’d been ambushed, overwhelmed, disarmed, and then brought here… where ever here is. She didn’t know where they were taking her, but once they let her find out, they’d be sorry. Oh yes, they’d be very sorry…
The sudden sound of a door opening up ahead causes Ruby’s ears to twitch as she’s dragged through it a moment later. Then, there’s a feminine voice that pipes up.
“Oh, Ruby…”
A familiar feminine voice, at that. Ruby’s eyes go wide behind her blindfold even before its in turn pulled off a moment later. She finds herself staring at Blake Belladonna, her missing teammate… and beside her can only be Kali Belladonna, Blake’s mom. Except, the two aren’t dressed as she would expect respectable women like a huntress and her mother to dress. Instead, they’re both wearing sheer negligee, lacy lingerie, and when Ruby’s eyesight is first returned to her, they’re both lounging on the bed in surprisingly erotic positions.
Though, Blake has now gotten off as she moves to Ruby with a sigh. Behind her, Kali hums and smiles a little.
“I suppose this is what Master meant by surprise. And here I thought we were going to have fun.”
Blake’s eyes dart back to her mother, and then down to Ruby. The cat faunus’ face colors with red embarrassment, and she nibbles at her lower lip, even as her hands play with the hem of her sheer, erotic nightie. Ruby has never seen the other girl look so self-conscious or vulnerable before, never seen her look so… unsure. Blake had always been the implacable fortress of the group, even if Weiss tried sometimes, but always failed due to her fiery attitude.
And yet, now here the cat faunus is, before her now, and even for Ruby, she’s like an open book of turmoil and roiling emotions. Is it because her mother is here? No, but wait… why would the White Fang bring her to Blake and her mom in the first place?
“B-Blake? What’s going on?”
Looking away, Blake crosses her arms under her chest defensively.
“You shouldn’t be here, Ruby. You shouldn’t have come.”
Ruby’s silver eyes widen at that.
“I HAD to! You stopped answering your scroll, I didn’t know what was up and I had to make sure you were safe!”
What goes unsaid is that Ruby literally didn’t make it off of the docks of Menagerie before the White Fang ambushed her and took her prisoner. Or, what she would prefer to go unsaid…
“The dumb bitch walked right into our arms this morning. Didn’t even make it off the docks. Now, boss says you ladies get to decide what to do with her.”
Ruby scowls, blushing furiously in humiliation, while Blake’s wide eyes dart over to the White Fang who’s spoken, the one currently holding Ruby by the scruff of her neck and forcing her to her knees in the first place. Kali, meanwhile, has a seemingly benevolent smile on her face, even as she climbs off the bed and moves over to Blake.
“Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? If she’s going to stay with us, she’ll be another mouth to feed… which means she’ll have to work.”
Ruby is really, REALLY confused at this point. Blake’s mom seems very nice, but when that kind face and tone are combined with what Kali is wearing, plus Blake’s discomfort, PLUS the White Fang who brought her here in the first place, Ruby has no idea what’s going on. Is she… are they treating her like some sort of political prisoner or something?
“I g-guess I could help out? I, um, I’m not very good at cooking, but I can clean pretty well…”
There’s a brief pause, and Blake covers her face with her hand as Kali lets out a burst of delighted laughter. Ruby just smiles hesitantly, not really getting it. At least, not at first. When Kali slides a hand along Blake’s back, before groping the ass cheek furthest from her, causing the younger cat faunus to go stiff and blush even harder, well, Ruby starts to think she’s missing some sort of big picture.
“Yes… I think she’ll do just fine in the brothel. Don’t you, Blake?”
Turning her face to the side, Blake mumbles something under her breath. Kali gives her butt another pinch in retaliation, drawing a yelp from her lovely daughter.
“What was that dear? Speak up now.”
Blake finally looks at Ruby, and there almost seems to be something akin to pity in her eyes.
“I said… she’ll need training first.”
Kali’s answering grin is Cheshire-like in its quality, as she turns her pinch into a casual grope of her own daughter’s ass.
“That’s exactly right, Blake. She’ll need training. I hope I can trouble you to transport Ms. Rose a little bit further, young man. And then, once you’re done with that, you can come back and allow me and my daughter to… entertain you for your services.”
The White Fang holding Ruby steady grunts.
“You want her on the machine?”
Kali just continues to smile as she nods her head in agreement. Ruby, meanwhile, is feeling like she’s sort of understanding what’s happening here, but part of her just doesn’t want to believe it. As a result, she’s a bit behind on this conversation.
“U-Um… sorry, but did you say brothel? I don’t think… I’m not exactly cut out for that sort of thing…”
Kali turns her gaze down at Ruby, and their eyes meet as she sees something… dark in Blake’s mother.
“Of course not, darling. That’s what the training will be for. As a non-faunus, you need to be taught your place. You need to learn how to serve your betters. Don’t worry though… we’ll set you straight, one way or another. Go on then, please. Take her to the machine.”
“Alright then.”
The blindfold is slid back over Ruby’s eyes, and the last thing she sees before she can’t once more is Kali turning Blake towards her and giving the younger cat faunus a kiss that is FAR from motherly or platonic. The last thing she HEARS as she’s dragged back out of the room and down the hall is lips smacking against lips in a very heated manner, PLUS what sounds like something squishy, making sopping wet noises as something else slides in and out of it.
She thinks she starts to hear Kali talking again, starts to hear her saying something to her teammate, to Blake… but then the door closes behind them and Ruby hears nothing more, save for the breath of the White Fang who’s carrying her along.
They strap her in before they remove the blindfold. Her legs are bent at the knee and thick, leather belts are tied around them to keep them that way. Meanwhile, her hands are brought forward and tied together over her head. Then, they remove the blindfold, and Ruby blinks when she sees the familiar Grimm mask, and the knife that its wearer is wielding.
“Um… what’s that for?”
She smiles tentatively, well aware that her aura can take a few knife strikes easily, but when she’s tied up like this, it’s not as if it can protect her forever. So, there’s some trepidation when the knife starts to come down, but it’s too slow to be an actual stab or slash even. Instead of trying to harm her, the White Fang goon begins to cut into her clothing.
Ruby immediately starts squirming.
“W-Wait! Don’t do that! You don’t have to-!”
RIIIIIP! Ruby can only whine helplessly as her chest is exposed by the deliberate cutting of the Grimm-masked male faunus. He just snorts at her and reaches out with his free hand to grab one of her small tits, even as he presses the flat of his blade to the other, causing her to tremble slightly from the cool metal.
She doesn’t want to wail, she doesn’t want to sound so weak, but she can’t really help it. No one… no one has ever touched her like this before. Literally no one. And yet, this masked man, who she doesn’t even know, is just… just groping her openly, and after ruining her clothing at that! She doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want HIM to be doing these things.
To her surprise, it seems like her demand works, after a moment. But before Ruby can follow up, the knife is going down between her legs next. Silver eyes widen briefly, and she opens her mouth to say something, but before she can, her skirt is pushed up and the knife is cutting away at her panties, the undergarments ripping and tearing just as easily when up against the somewhat serrated blade.
As the White Fang goon pulls the remnants of her panties off of her now-exposed private parts, Ruby can feel the first tear forming at the corner of her eye and finds a word she normally wouldn’t say on her lips.
“Y-You basta-mmph!”
But before she can get it out, he’s taking advantage of her open mouth, and she suddenly finds her torn panties stuffed in between her lips. Ruby lets out a few muffled noises, before spitting the panties out onto her belly, hacking and choking a bit as a bit of the fabric got partway down her throat in the meantime.
That gets another chuckle from the masked male faunus, even as he finally pulls back from her. Ruby has never felt more violated, with her tits and her p-pussy on display, just like that. Her huntress’ outfit has been turned into a mockery of itself, exposing her pale flesh to this… this b-beast’s eyes. Ruby was beginning to think Weiss was right to hate them…
“L-Let me go. Just… just let me go. My friends will come for me, y-you know. They’ll be unhappy, i-if you hurt me.”
That gets the faunus in front of her to cock his head to the side, before her snorts derisively.
“God, I hope they do come for you. We’ve got Menagerie on lock these days, you dumb human bitch. You think any rescue party will get any farther than you did without us knowing they’re here? You better hope no one comes for you, because if they’re even half as pretty, we’ll put them to work, serving their betters. Just like you’ll be doing, soon enough.”
Ruby growls and pulls against her restraints. But this is no ordinary stuff, it’s clearly made to hold people like her at bay… people with auras. Regardless, the White Fang just chuckles at her pathetic escape attempts, before leaning down and pulling something up from in front of her that she couldn’t see before, not from her compromising position.
The young woman goes still as she stares at the contraption that he’s now setting up. It doesn’t take a genius, or even a pervert to figure out what its for. Not when the thick, long phallus on one end of it is pointed right at her exposed privates.
“Wait… what are you… eep!”
Ruby’s face goes bright red and she squeals a bit as he pushes the tip of the phallus up against her entrance and then slightly inside of it, getting it into place so it doesn’t end up dislodged.
“You’re gonna hate this, bitch. And then you’ll love it. Heh, should be fun.”
On the other side of the machine, even though Ruby can’t see it, she imagines there’s some sort of control panel, because the masked male faunus is pressing buttons and very clearly making use of some sort of interface. Regardless, Ruby tries to pull back from the thing currently lodged in the entrance of her pussy, but she doesn’t exactly have much in the way of wiggle room in her current circumstances. No matter how she stretches or shifts or pulls, she can’t escape it. And then… t-then it starts whirring.
“There we go.”
The White Fang goon stands up straight, and though she can’t see his face behind his mask, she can practically feel the smug smirk on it radiating off of him. She can DEFINITELY hear it in his voice.
“Have fun, you silly human slut. I’ve got a playdate with two REAL women to attend.”
And then he turns and leaves the room. Distantly, Ruby recalls that Blake’s mom DID offer to ‘entertain’ him once he was done with her, but she can’t really focus too much on that. Not when there’s something so very distracting right here in the present. The tip of the phallus inside of her is whirring away, buzzing really… vibrating, to put it bluntly. Ruby shudders, even as it provokes all sorts of unwanted feelings inside of her.
There’s nothing truly painful about the experience. That’s the problem though, because the longer it goes on for, the wetter Ruby finds herself getting d-down there. She’s not… she’s not completely naïve to this sort of thing, to be fair. She’s masturbated before, after all. And then there’s whatever the hell she has with Weiss. What to even call their relationship, well, Ruby wouldn’t know where to begin.
But this? This isn’t a situation where she wants to be feeling any sort of sexual gratification or pleasure. Not when that’s clearly the goal of her captors, of those holding her prisoner. Though that just leaves Ruby even more confused. She’d come to Menagerie to find Blake and to make sure she was alright, but instead, she found her teammate at her mother’s side, doing things for the White Fang?
Ruby just doesn’t understand. She doesn’t really get what’s happening, at least in the grand scheme of things. Blake rejoining the White Fang or doing anything sexual with her own mother… it does not compute. But then, that’s not the biggest problem on the young huntress’ mind, at least not for long. Because the phallus currently pressed an inch into her cunt and vibrating to all hell and back… suddenly begins to move.
Letting out a yelp, Ruby looks down the length of her trembling body, past her quivering pale chest, to where the thick long shape is visibly sliding forward.
“W-Wait! D-Don’t!”
It keeps vibrating too, applying that vibration to more and more of Ruby’s inner walls.
Of course, the machine doesn’t listen. But then, it CAN’T listen, it’s not even really alive. Instead, it’s a simple mechanical device, programmed to vibrate and thrust forward and churn up her insides like n-nothing else before it.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god…”
Ruby whimpers, whines, and wails, but there’s no stopping it. She’s helpless to halt the phallus’ advance as the thick, long vibrator pushes deeper and deeper into her, getting perhaps halfway up her cunt before pulling back just as slowly, just as agonizingly, only to do it all over again. Given how slow it’s moving, Ruby probably wouldn’t even be having that much trouble ignoring it, if not for the vibrating feature. That’s what’s really causing the trouble, because honestly, it’s not moving in and out of her fast enough to provide much stimuli. The majority of her reluctant pleasure is instead coming from the way it buzzes away inside of her, pressed up against her stretched inner walls, vibrating nonstop.
Ruby flexes her abdomen, and she stretches and strains some more, but even as she mewls pathetically, she can’t get free. She’s well and truly trapped with this… this thing that’s raping her, that’s penetrating her and defiling her. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want this… but when the tears finally fall, it’s not because of pain or anything like that, but because of pleasure.
With a low, gasping moan, Ruby Rose climaxes across the vibrating phallus, even as the machine stops what it’s doing the moment it feels her juices gushing down across it. As Ruby pants and gasps for breath, slowly recovering, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, she can’t help but feel relieved. As humiliating and degrading as that was, being made to cum just from this damn thing… at least it was over.
But then it starts moving again, and silver eyes snap open as Ruby looks down in horror at the buzzing phallus pistoning in and out of her cunt with greater and greater force. It’s almost as if her climax was a trigger, because now, it’s not the vibration providing the main source of stimuli. No, that’s rapidly taking a back seat to the fact that she’s being truly and thoroughly FUCKED.
“G-God, stop, please s-stop!”
She doesn’t want this. She doesn’t NEED this. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s happening to her. Doesn’t change that she’s currently ramping up towards another orgasm, her body shaking and shivering and quivering from the sensations being forced upon her, right that moment. The machine pistons in and out of her cunt like a jackhammer, until finally, with a much louder exclamation than before, Ruby lets out an orgasmic cry and cums HARD for a second time.
Once again, the machine stops fucking her, though this time, when it freezes up, it’s still lodged DEEP in her cunt, rather than most of the way out. In fact, at this point, the majority of the vibrating thick phallus is inside of Ruby, where before, it’d only gotten halfway in at most. Letting out a choked sob, the pale young woman tries desperately to regroup, already having a feeling she knows what’s coming next.
The anticipation only makes it worse though, building by the second as she stares down at the machine in fear and trepidation, gasping, panting… sweating. Her whole body is covered in a thin sheen of sweat by this point, and her pussy is an utter mess, as are her inner thighs. She’s not sure how much more of this she can take. She doesn’t WANT to have to take any more than she already has.
But of course, the cold, unfeeling machine currently lodged inside of her doesn’t care what she wants, doesn’t even have the capacity to care. So, when it starts fucking her again a few seconds later, Ruby just lets out another choked sob, followed by cries of both anguish and despair, as well as reluctant pleasure and unwanted ecstasy.
It feels good, as it fucks her to another orgasm. It feels good, but Ruby is stronger than that. She knows life is about more than feeling good, and she won’t let this… let THEM break her. Amusingly enough, this experience is only crystallizing things in her mind. She has no idea what to make of Blake’s part in all of this, but she’s rapidly settling on seeing Kali Belladonna as the enemy. It was that woman who wanted to put her to work in a brothel. It was that woman who had had her brought here for training.
Needless to say, Ruby could see now what they were planning on doing to her. She refused to let them break her though. She refused to- Ruby’s thoughts are cut off by another mind-blowing orgasm, and this time her head tilts back as her eyes roll in her skull and her mouth opens nice and wide. She lets out a shuddering, shaking moan into the air, half-wanton, half-despairing. But this time, the machine doesn’t stop. There’s no pause, no break where she’s allowed to recover. This time, even as she’s riding out the pleasure high and coming down from it… the vibrating phallus is still burying itself in her quivering, mewling quim, driving itself in and out of her just as fast as before, if not faster still.
Without a chance to recover, Ruby soon cums again, even faster than before. And then she cums again, and again, and again. It takes all of the young woman’s willpower just to keep herself cognizant throughout this, but even if her mental fortitude is strong, even if she’s a huntress with aura… there’s only so much any woman’s body can take. Only so much that a girl like her can handle, especially when the attack vector is pleasure, rather than pain.
Mentally, Ruby stays strong, she doesn’t break, even if she DOES bend a little. But physically? Physically, the young woman passes out somewhere between the fortieth and fiftieth orgasms, eyes finally rolling back in her head for good, tongue lolling out of her mouth. She’s not QUITE ahegaoing… there’s no smile on her face after all, but the fucked silly expression is still predominant when the White Fang finally come for her and turn the machine off.
Ruby doesn’t know that though. She’s very much unconscious by that point.
When Ruby wakes up again, it’s to much the same situation as she passed out in. Her legs are still bound up into a kneeling position with thick bands of leather around her thighs and shins. Her arms are still pulled over her head, shackled to some chain hanging from the ceiling. And most importantly of all, there’s still a big, fat phallus buried inside of her cunt.
Though, it’s not vibrating anymore. That’s the first thing Ruby notices, as she slowly comes to. The ever-constant buzzing, the nonstop vibrating as it churned up her insides… it’s gone. The next thing she notices, even as she begins to blink her eyes open, is that the thing inside of her feels a lot warmer than it did before, almost as if its… alive.
Then, Ruby opens her eyes for real and looks down to see a faunus in a domino mask looking up at her. She registers the hands on her naked waist a moment later, even as she realizes that, despite initial evidence, her circumstances HAVE changed, and changed dramatically. She’s no longer tied up with that machine, laid back so that it can fuck her cunt. While yes, her legs are still bound so she’s forced to kneel and her wrists are still chained together, she’s now on a bed, straddling what appears to be a bull faunus, impaled on his cock. She’s also completely naked now, not just left in the torn-up remains of her huntress outfit.
Her knees are forced to press into the bed on either side of his body, but its soft enough that this isn’t all that uncomfortable, and most of her weight is on his cock anyways. Even still, while she’s horrified to now be impaled on a living, breathing man, she’s also a little confused, given the fact that the faunus isn’t wearing a Grimm mask, denoting himself as a member of the White Fang.
“Ah, there she is. Finally back with us, I see. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ms. Rose. You may address me as Lieutenant.”
Looking over, Ruby is a lot less surprised when she DOES see the Grimm mask on the guy standing off to the side of the bed. Its not a full mask though, still showing his face and the smile he’s sporting. This isn’t the same goon as before, and in fact, Ruby gets the sense that this faunus is a lot more important, perhaps even a higher up in the White Fang.
“Let… let me go. You can still fix this.”
Not even Ruby believes that. The need for revenge wages through her, even as her cunt, conditioned by the machine, reflexively flexes around the cock inside of her, part of her, mostly the physical part, wanting nothing more than to start bouncing her way to her next orgasm. But Ruby? Ruby isn’t the kind of girl to be led around by her pussy. She doesn’t NEED sex. What she needs right now, is fucking freedom. So, even if she’s flushed with arousal and already panting slightly from the sensation of being so utterly FILLED, Ruby isn’t going to give in to temptation. She refuses.
“Fix this? You trespassed on our territory, girl. You came here with the intention of subverting the White Fang, of harming our cause. As far as I’m concerned, you are a threat, and you will be treated as one.”
Ruby scowls at that, even as she shivers a bit. She doesn’t like how he’s looking at her, even if he IS wearing the mask. She can see the true depths of his hidden gaze in that smile of his. As soon as he’s done speaking, he suddenly changes tact, and even tone.
“Let’s play a game! That sounds fun, doesn’t it?”
Frowning, Ruby wonders if that’s a crack at her age. But… well, given all they’ve done to her so far, she doesn’t think they’d be trying to make jokes that made her sound like a child.
“You… what kind of game?”
Grinning wickedly, the White Fang Lieutenant cocks his head to the side.
“Quite simple, really. But with such wonderful prizes, if you can win. All you have to do… is get off of the fine gentle-faunus beneath you. He’s been waiting ever so patiently for you to wake up so that you could get off of his dick. Honestly, trapping a poor, innocent bystander beneath you, plunging yourself down onto his cock like that… I suppose one can’t expect much better from a filthy, human slut.”
He’s trying to provoke her. She doesn’t believe for a second that he’s so deluded to believe what he’s saying, but how he manages to keep a straight face the entire way through, Ruby has no idea. Regardless, she refuses to take the bait, refuses to stoop to his level.
“What… are the prizes?”
As she speaks through gritted teeth, continuing to suppress the reluctant pleasure she’s feeling at still being impaled on this throbbing, thick faunus dick, the White Fang Lieutenant’s grin widens a fraction further.
“Well, if you manage to pull yourself off of his cock, I suppose we’ll have to let you and Blake go, won’t we?”
Ruby’s eyes widen at that. Confirmation that Blake wasn’t entirely here by choice. That was good, it explained her recalcitrance back when Ruby had been brought to her and her mother. She could still save her teammate, and they could get away together, if she managed to win this stupid little game…
“… And how long do I have to try and get off of him?”
She wouldn’t put it past them to try and trick her by saying something like she only had two seconds, or whatever. The Lieutenant though, just chuckles.
“Oh right, of course. Time limits! So important! Hm… well, let’s make it easy, shall we? If you cum, you lose, Ms. Rose. And if you lose… well, we’ll have to put you to work as a breeder.”
Ruby’s eyes widen at that.”
“A w-what?!”
The grin only grows wider, going from wicked to straight savage as the masked male faunus steps closer to the bed, looking somewhat like he’s almost salivating.
“Oh yes. Mrs. Belladonna’s suggestion that you be sent to the brothel was… taken into consideration, but at the end of the day, those in charge have come to a different conclusion. Namely, that a girl like you has PLENTY of fine years ahead of her, years of fertility that should not be wasted by overuse in a brothel. No, if you lose this game, you will become an instrument of the White Fang’s righteous war against those who have kept is down for so long. You will give birth to more faunus children, as many as you can, and they will fight for their freedoms when they come of age.”
That is… she didn’t think things could get more horrifying than being forced into prostitution at a brothel. Even if the image of her pregnant, filled with a baby, DOES cause a twinge down in Ruby’s cock-stuffed cunt. There’s no denying that the young woman has always wanted to be a mother. But not like this. Never like this.
“I… I won’t lose. You’ll see.”
The White Fang Lieutenant just smiles.
“I appreciate your confidence. Show me then, Ms. Rose. Show me what you can do.”
As he steps back and falls silent, the bull faunus beneath her pulls his hands away from her waist and pointedly lays them down on the bed, staring up at her from beneath the domino mask. Ruby averts her gaze, refusing to make eye contact, even as she starts with the most obvious maneuver. Her hands clutch at the chains that are holding her arms over her head, and she begins to try to essentially climb up them, dragging herself up off of the cock she’s impaled upon, inch by inch.
Her knees lift off the bed, and she slowly but surely makes her way up the gigantic length inside of her. Both the owner of said length, as well as the White Fang Lieutenant, watch this with somewhat wide eyes, neither of them expecting her to have this much fight left in her. There’s a very real chance she might do it, there’s a chance she might make it off, and then they’ll have to resort to other measures to break her…
But no, in the end, there was never a chance. Not that they could have known that in the moments leading up to Ruby’s first failure, but in truth, she was just too tired and just too sensitive to be able to hold her concentration long enough to escape. About three inches from freedom, her pussy lips quivering and clenching down sporadically around the last few inches of cock inside of her, Ruby’s trembling fingers spasm, and she loses her grip on the chain over her head.
Falling back down the entire length of the bull faunus cock, only being stopped by hilting him inside of herself, Ruby lets out an ugly cry as she not only has to recover from her failure but hold back the pleasure threatening to well up inside of her. She can’t… she CAN’T cum. Even if she came a million times to that fucking machine, if she cums even once now, she fails not only herself, but Blake as well.
Ruby won’t let that happen. She won’t let her friend and teammate down like that.
“Dear me, but that WAS a good attempt. It seems you might prove me wrong after all, Ms. Rose. I told the Commander that there was no way you would be strong enough to get free. Heh, but you can only go up from here, can’t you?”
And then there was this fuck. Living with her sister had left Ruby well-tuned to when a pun was being made, but in this situation, hearing this bastard making one at her expense only pissed her off, and made her all the more driven to win, to get up. Except… her best attempt IS behind her. The last of her strength is already fleeing her. Thanks to his words though, Ruby isn’t willing to admit that quite yet.
Even still, the young woman’s second attempt isn’t half-bad. She gets within half an inch of her first as she drags herself up by the chains overhead, whimpering all the while. Once again, the eyes of the faunus she’s impaled upon, as well as the White Fang observer, widen slightly. Of course, once again, Ruby doesn’t see this because she’s got her eyes squeezed shut in concentration.
But before she can even get as far as her first attempt, her grip slackens again, a twinge in her arms causing her white-knuckled hold on the chains to give out. She slides back down the bull faunus’ big fat cock with a blood-curdling shriek, trying her damnedest not to orgasm to the feel of his cockhead smacking against her oh-so-sensitive cervix.
Things only go downhill from there, and the Lieutenant has no reason to be worried about coming up with a new plan again, as he watches Ruby Rose do all the heavy lifting for him, breaking herself, slowly but surely. She never gives up, of course. But then, that’s the problem. The young woman doesn’t know when to stop. After the first two attempts, if she’d simply taken a prolonged break, given that he hadn’t put an actual time limit on things, perhaps she could have made another honest go at it.
But fueled by a reckless desire to prove him wrong, to get one over on him and save herself and her teammate, Ruby doesn’t hesitate to go again for even a moment, and each time she tries to pull herself off of the big fat, throbbing dick buried in her tight, clenching cunt, the distance she gets is shorter and shorter, until really, all she’s doing is bucking up and down on his member, bouncing and riding his cock.
That’s not what she WANTS to be doing of course… or at least, it’s not what she thinks she wants to be doing. It’s what happens though, and in the end, as much as Ruby tries to hold it back, all of that pleasure she’s been suppressing, all of the self-edging she’s been engaging in to hold back the impending, inevitable orgasm… it eventually comes back with an utter vengeance.
With a scream filled with both ecstasy and despair, Ruby climaxes around the bull faunus’ cock buried in her sopping wet quim, and she climaxes HARD. The orgasm is altogether explosive as her naked, petite, pale body shakes and spasms, seizing up and jiggling in some places, but not many given her firm, toned body and her small breasts.
Still, the orgasm is not up for debate. There’s no denying that it happened, and the moment Ruby comes down from her pleasure high, she realizes she’s lost and twists to look towards the White Fang Lieutenant, who even now is smiling at her knowingly.
“W-Wait. That doesn’t… I want a d-do over! Give me another shot! I can do it, I k-know I can!”
Not waiting for his answer, Ruby grabs at the chain and makes another effort through sheer titanic force of will to pull herself off the giant, thick faunus prick she’s currently impaled upon. But this time, something besides her own exhaustion stops her. As the White Fang Lieutenant just shakes his head in mirth, the bull faunus laid out beneath her reaches up and grabs her by the waist once more. And then, he pulls her back down his length, his strength easily overwhelming what pitiful amount remains of her own, while at the same time thrusting up into her from below with all his might.
Ruby’s eyes roll back in her head, and her mouth opens in a silent scream that soon becomes not-so-silent as she climaxes AGAIN for the second time in the span of a minute. And then she’s being bounced up and down on the bull faunus’ cock as he becomes much more active than he was before, no longer dead weight, but exceedingly enthusiastic in fucking her from below instead. While Ruby is trying to contain her moans, trying to clear her head from the haze of pleasure falling over her mind, the Lieutenant speaks up finally.
“I think not, Ms. Rose. It seems you’ve lost, well and truly. How… unfortunate for you.”
Her head whips to him as he moves to leave, her silver eyes wide with horror.
“W-Wait, mm, no! I, hah, don’t! Don’t, oh fuck, don’t LEAVE! I can’t… I c-caaaaan’t!”
Her wailing falls on deaf ears though, even as she’s fucked to another climax within just a few moments. Her screaming and begging slowly begins to die off, being replaced by wanton, reluctant moaning and mewling and cries of unwanted bliss. She doesn’t… this isn’t where she’s meant to be. This isn’t her purpose. This isn’t… this isn’t…
As Ruby is summarily bred by the first of many, many male faunus, right outside of the room, the White Fang Lieutenant lets out a satisfied sigh, even as the grunts waiting for him fall into step behind him as he walks away.
“You think she knows her place now, sir?”
Slowly, the Lieutenant’s lips curl into a wicked smirk.
“I’m sure she will soon enough. A month as one of our breeders, and she’ll break just like any other human bitch. And then, her offspring will fuel our armies, as we wash across Remnant and fix this world so that it’s the way things SHOULD be, so that we’re finally on top, like we’ve always been meant to be. In the grand scheme of things, Ruby Rose is nothing special. Just another human cunt to fill with our seed, another incubator for our soldiers.”
There are some appreciative grunts and growls behind him, and the one who asked sounds positively ecstatic when he answers.
“Yes sir!”
The White Fang Lieutenant just continues to smile. Breeders like Ruby Rose also doubled as sex toys for the White Fang rank and file… morale had never been higher, since they instituted THAT policy. He was sure he knew what was running through each and every one of his subordinate’s heads. They were already anticipating their turn with the pale, soon-to-be broken huntress.
Blake couldn’t help but feel a little conflicted. She’d thought she’d wanted this, back when the White Fang first broke her. She’d thought she’d come to realize how HAPPY she would be, if the rest of Team RWBY joined her in slavery to her new masters. And yet… and yet, as time had gone on, Blake had recovered at least some of her agency. She wouldn’t betray her masters, she wouldn’t betray her mother, and she knew the White Fang were the way of the future, she KNEW that to the very depths of her soul… but she found herself secretly, privately, in her darkest moments, hoping that the rest of her team would… would stay away.
But they hadn’t. Or at least, Ruby hadn’t. And now, here Blake was, feeling conflicted because on the one hand, her former team leader’s tongue felt AMAZING in her cunt, but at the same time, looking down into Ruby’s glazed-over, broken silver eyes made Blake feel somewhat guilty. They’d treated the human girl a lot worse than either Blake or her mother, all things considered. And because of the White Fang’s values, female faunus were still above human women, even if they were now below male faunus.
Which meant in the new pecking order, Blake topped Ruby. Which was half the reason she was even getting her cunt eaten out by the newly pregnant girl in the first place. It had been a full month since that fateful day, when rather than one of their masters walking in to fuck her and her mother as they’d expected, one of the White Fang’s lower ranks had dragged Ruby into the room instead.
Her mother was far more eager to see the human girl brought low than Blake was at the time, but after Ruby had been taken from the room, Kali had told Blake that she understood her hesitance… but that it had no place in their new life. She’d punished her anyways. Now though… now Kali Belladonna was wearing a strap-on that was currently buried in Ruby’s ass, thrusting in and out of the mewling human as the sounds Ruby makes are muffled by Blake’s sopping wet cunt.
Not that Ruby seems to mind all that much, getting fucked up the ass. If anything, she seems to enjoy it, judging by the puddle of pussy juices she’s left beneath herself by this point. That makes Blake feel a little better, at least. There might not be much left of the team leader that Blake once knew, but at least… at least she was happy.
And coming close to another orgasm, judging by the way her tonguing was getting more and more sporadic and random. Blake tentatively smiles down at Ruby’s glazed-over gaze as she waits to see some spark of life from the impending climax, but before it can arrive, the door to the room suddenly opens, and one of their masters walks in.
“Stop for the moment, please.”
The please is completely redundant, as they’re already following his order immediately. Kali halts in her fucking of Ruby’s tightening back door, gripping the pale human girl by her hips but not doing anything else. Meanwhile, Blake pulls back from Ruby’s messy face, not feeling right about drawing pleasure from the girl when she’s being edged like this.
As it turns out, that’s good, because the Lieutenant has business with Ruby anyways.
“Ms. Rose, I require your assistance. Are you listening?”
Ruby’s gaze slides over to the man, and for a moment, Blake sees fear on her face, before she averts her eyes submissively.
“… Yes…”
“We require the access codes to Schnee Tower. It is time to take the fight to the enemy.”
Blake’s eyes widen at that, and her nostrils flare. Not entirely out of disgust though. While she might feel guilt over what’s been done to Ruby, the thought of the Schnees getting their comeuppance, even Weiss… it does fill her with a certain measure of satisfaction and anticipation. She wants it to happen. She wants the White Fang to prevail over the SDC like nothing else.
Looking to Ruby expectantly, Blake is still a little surprised by her former team leader’s immediate response.
She rambles off the code like she has them memorized, and even the Lieutenant is a little bit surprised as he writes it down.
“Well now… how old is this code?”
Ruby just smiles a little, but it’s an empty smile, as empty as her eyes.
“It’s my personal code. Weiss loved it when I would sneak in and fool around with her.”
Blake’s eyes go wide at that revelation, even as the Lieutenant pauses briefly.
“How very, very interesting. You may continue.”
He leaves the room, just like that, and Blake, feeling a little less guilty now that she knows about Ruby and Weiss’ relationship, is perhaps a bit rougher in forcing Ruby’s face back up against her muff. Kali, meanwhile, returning to fucking Ruby’s ass with the strap-on, just gives Blake a knowing smile that causes the younger cat faunus to blush in embarrassment and let up a little on Ruby after a few seconds.
Meanwhile, outside of the room, a certain White Fang Lieutenant is already making plans in his head, now that he has access to their greatest enemies. It was time to begin making preparations. And if all went well, the Schnee Family would be cut out at the root. Their men, removed, their women… more breeding stock, at the end of the day.
Now that would be a treat worth enjoying personally. Winter or Weiss Schnee, all his for the taking? Oh yes, he could CERTAINLY get behind that.


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