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Chapter 2 - Momo Yaoyorozu

In this alternate universe take on MHA, the fairer sex is incapable of inheriting Quirks. A depraved, misogynistic status quo now envelopes the world.

Commissioned by an Anonymous Client

Chapter 2 - Momo Yaoyorozu

Chapter 2 - Momo Yaoyorozu
            Of all the Hero Academies in the world, the number one ranked high school for heroics was U.A. High School. It was here that the best of the best was trained. The world-famous All Might, the gunslinger known as Snipe, and the omnifarious Ectoplasm were counted as some of the many illustrious Pro Hero instructors. As Momo Yaoyorozu swiped her ID badge at the security check, it begged the question why a Quirkless girl like her would be admitted. After all, a hero was based solely on what Quirk they possessed, and the fairer sex could not inherit Quirks.
            The Yaoyorozu family was famous in the hero community with her father galivanting about in his youth as a Pro Hero. When Momo was born, it was considered something of a waste of potential, a black smear on an otherwise spotless record, but Momo took her impropriety in stride, doing her best to conduct herself as well as educate her peers on proper conduct. It was on a recommendation years later that Momo would be allowed to attend U.A. High. A few years before, it would have been unheard of for a girl to even step foot into U.A. High or any Hero Academy for that matter, but certain programs had begun that made for such a thing to be possible.
            Just as Momo had made her way to her locker, she felt diminutive, greedy hands squeezing her rump. The tiny, grasping fingers squeezed and pinched her bottom with impunity, caring little for how she felt. Clenching her fists, Momo turned around and looked down, knowing full-well what to expect. The current state of the world had bore a new breed of degenerates lacking in any sort of restraint – beasts that acted on their simplest lusty impulse. One fine example of the perverted state of the world was the short, purple-haired teen Minoru Mineta. At every opportunity, Minoru would leap onto her lower back and fondle her to his hearts content. Whenever groping was never enough, he would lift her skirt and fuck her on the spot – as panties were frowned upon, Minoru always had easy access to what he wanted. Minoru would rut with her so often that she had to thank god that birth control was a thing.
            “I have a genius idea, Yaoyorozu!” the little man shouted with a wide, lecherous smile.
            Still clenching her fists, Momo calmly asked, “What is your ‘genius’ idea?”
            “Well, there’s a festival coming up,” he reminded her.
            “I know,” she said with a nod, knowing full-well that there was much work to do.
            “Okay, okay, here me out,” Minoru started, all the while still squeezing her bottom. “So, in the west, they’ve got these things called kissing booths where guys pay to kiss girls. Obviously before Quirks came around. BUT what if we have fucking booths. That’ll get the guys and girls into the spirit of things.”
            Blushing from both embarrassment and ire, Momo answered with, “That’s not a bad idea.” Her first thought was that Minoru was just using this as an excuse to slip his dick into as many different girls as possible, but that was not necessary. Born with a Quirk, he was part of the privileged who could take as he pleased from the lesser sex. No, Momo knew Minoru was after something specific, and she had a few ideas as to what…
            Momo’s thoughts were interrupted when she felt the mushroom-shaped head of Minoru’s dick; she was so lost in thought that did not even hear him unzip. Knowing what was coming next, Momo simply leaned against her locker and braced herself, long knowing her place in the world.
            “Your ass is so round, so supple, you’re the perfect woman, Yaoyorozu!” he shouted as he pumped his hips forward with all of his might, nearly knocking the wind out of her. For such a short guy, he was a hung little bastard. Having studied the biology of men since the advent of Quirks, Momo had concluded that the size of a man’s phallus was nearly twice as much as it had been before the event with only Quirkless men having anything less than eight inches in length. Minoru was above average with a penis nine inches long and three inches wide. As she felt her cunt stretch to accommodate him, she trembled, her knees shacking. Like a horny beast, Minoru pummeled her hot hole, all the while spouting perverted nonsense about how soft and supple her body was and how wet her pussy was getting. Momo bit her lower lip, allowing the building pleasure to seize her; her pussy instinctively clenched about him, which only made Minoru spout even more lewd comments. Minoru’s pussy-punishing assault rocked Momo to her very core, and she would have collapsed had she not been leaning against the lockers. Just as she felt her own climax rising, the invading cock swelled to nearly twice its size. With a final thrust, Momo felt a surge of jism flood her womb with a backwash of pearly white splattering on the floor…
            “Is…is that all…?” she asked him with a whorish moan, her eyes narrowed in irritation, but face flushed from clear ecstasy. “A-are you satisfied…?”
            “PHEW!” the little man huffed. “Nothing like nutting in my favorite girl to start the day.” Minoru pulled out and jumped off her back. Looking back, Momo could see him looking up at her freshly used cunt, admiring his handiwork. He slapped her right cheek once, sending a searing pain coursing throughout her body, before walking off, presumably to class. Momo did her best to compose herself. She had to get to class as well.
            Momo leaned against her locker for far longer than she had intended, her legs still shaking from the short, though intense rutting session that Minoru had subjected her to. It was only when she heard, “Let me walk you to class,” that she came to her senses and stood up. Standing right beside her was another student, a male with a head full of dual white and red hair, though the most distinguishing thing about him was a burn scar over his left eye.
            “Todoroki,” Momo whimpered.
            “I’m supposed to take part in your lesson today,” he reminded her.
            “T-that’s right. S-sorry, I’m--”
            “Getting molested by Minoru like usual,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. “Come on, let’s get going.”
            Shoto Todoriko, the son of the Pro Hero Endeavor, had been assigned to be something of Momo’s partner. Despite being so young, Momo’s astute nature had put her at the forefront of the education program for the female students at U.A. High. For the most part, Shoto was aloof and distant and only ever took part in lessons when asked to. He displayed a general disinterest in outright perversion that made Momo relieved whenever she saw him. It was this nature that made him perfect for her lessons. She was fortunate that the powers that be did not assign Minoru to be her partner; if she knew him, he would turn the entire classroom of students into his own personal harem, and that was a thought that reviled and…aroused her at the same time. Having composed herself, Momo walked along side Todoriko, all the while feeling the wet slosh of cum trickling down her legs…
            When Momo arrived at her destination, she was greeted not by the traditional site of students sitting at their desks. While there were female students seated, there were others who were hunched over on all fours; they were the desks. The class that Momo lectured was called ‘Integration into Society.’ The teenage years of one’s life could be quite complicated with the dawn of puberty, peer pressure, and so on. With the state of the world, some girls raged against the status quo, and that was why this course existed and this was why a Quirkless girl like Momo was allowed to attend U.A. High.
            “Good morning, everyone,” Momo said upon entering the classroom with Shoto following close behind her, shutting the door after stepping in. Shoto said nothing to the class, looking as indifferent as ever.
            “Good morning Yaoyorozu,” the class said collectively.
            The class had been broken down into those girls who had accepted how the world work and those that did not. Those who accepted how the world worked were allowed to wear their uniforms and sit in their chairs like normal students. Those that refused and acted out were subjected to abuse, such as being forced to act as desks. Because women were unable to inherit Quirks, their lives equated to how much pleasure they could bring men, men with Quirks in particular. Those without any remote skills were often sent to the auction houses, broken mentally, and sold as pets – the worst-case scenario. A pet could be purchased by anyone with enough money, even a Quirkless man. However, there were special programs in place for women who did prove their worth. If a girl could prove herself an asset, she would be assigned to a future Pro Hero, which would lead to an obviously comfortable life. Life as a slave or life as a trophy whore were the only two options available to the women of this world. With how Momo dedicated herself, she pondered if she would be assigned to Shoto when he inevitably went Pro; she could hope.
            “As all of you know, the Kosei Festival starts tomorrow,” Momo began as she stood behind her faux desk which was comprised of two curvaceous girls with scowling faces. “The Kosei Festival is a celebrates the day in which Quirks first manifested. Can anyone tell me where the first Quirk was discovered?”
            “Fuck off, Yaoyorozu,” the far-right student making up Momo’s desk spat.
            With her arms folded and looking down disapprovingly, Momo said, “Have something to say, Ito?”
            Airi Ito was something of a trouble maker, a tanned girl with bleached hair and an overabundance of makeup, she was like a snake quick to spew her venom. Airi’s tongue was wicked and no amount of humiliation was enough to humble her; Momo had hoped the festival would change that. With her fat, giggling ass in the air, Airi struggled to hold herself up.
            “Yeah, I have a few things to say,” Airi grumbled. “This whole festival is a fucking farce. That little shit Mineta has booths set up where we get the ever-living hell fucked out of us. Then you’ve got a dunk tank full of spunk. That fuck is wrong with you people?!”
            “Todoriko, could you please help me?” Momo asked with a humble bow.
            “Sure,” he answered simply while unzipping his pants. Shoto was a magnificent specimen of a man. The moment he unzipped his pants, a fat, vein-pulsing rod exploded out of his pants; over twelve inches long and four inches wide, any woman would have to struggle to handle that one-eyed monster. The carpet matching the drapes, his pubic hair likewise was silver and red. With his gargantuan cock exposed, Shoto ruthlessly smacked Airi’s with it, leaving a thick smear of pre-cum on her right cheek. Then came another smack, and another with all the class watching as Shoto’s manhood pulverized Airi and left her cheeks swollen, and the heady musk of his pre-cum leaving her in an obviously aroused stupor. Airi, struggling to maintain her balance, just stood there drooling, her eyes glazed over.
            “Thank you, Todoriko.” Fixing her sights back on her class, Momo said, “Not all of you will be participating in the more…humiliating games. Those of you that are seated will be assigned to male students who have been considered the best of U.A. High. Those at the games are simply there to be used for the pleasure of every man there while all of you seated have the pleasure of knowing a future Pro Hero.” That was the whole point of the festival – give these girls a taste of how the world works. Those who could not contribute were simply slaves t the whims of anyone with a hard dick. “Now class, let’s begin today’s lesson.”
            Not one to simply be some untouchable figure in the eyes of her students, Momo gestured to the door. Almost immediately after doing so, several adults of various shapes and sizes entered the classroom. Once the last man closed the door behind him, Momo took count and there were six of them. Each man was imposing in some way or another; one was tall with broad shoulders and chiseled abs while another was shorter, stockier, but still built for battle. The only thing these men had in common, however, was their lack of clothing. Indeed, they were all naked and sporting massive erections and dribbled copious amounts of pre-cum.
            “Now then, class, I--” Momo was immediately cut off when the largest of them ran behind her and grabbed her by her arms while another man grabbed her jacket and ripped it open. A lecherous laugh bellowed out of this man’s mouth as he ripped her shirt asunder, exposing Momo’s ample bosom. She blushed and turned her head, not daring the meet his gaze. If there was one thing that Momo was complimented on, it would be her bosom; her e-cup bra barely able to contain her bounty, her clothes did a poor job hiding her tits. Now here her breasts were, pale and exposed before a pack of hungry wolves. Momo’s heart raced as she knew that Shoto was watching. She wondered what he was thinking, but had little time to ponder when a spongy, slimy tongue wriggled from one nipple to another, her aggressor feasting on her tits like a greedy infant. When she did find the nerve to look at him, his mouth was curled in a cocky, smarmy grin.
            Chortling, her molester said, “Your nipples got hard as soon as I touched you. Little slut.”
            One of the men made his way to the forefront of the classroom. He coughed to clear his throat and puffed up his chest as if he was going to address an assembly; it was made all the more ludicrous because of his lack of clothing. “Bitches and sluts, we’ve been invited to take part in this lesson to show you all that you just how worthless you are. All you are is a hole to shove our dicks in. Sweet, sweet Momo here has volunteered to give all of you a firsthand view of what a useless slut gets. Isn’t that right, Sweet Momo?” In response to his words, Momo weakly nodded her head. “Oh, it isn’t all bad. Some guys treat their belongings like they’re worth something. But a slut who doesn’t get paired up with a Pro? Well, she amounts to less than shit.”
            “You’re going to witness a demonstration of what happens to a girl who isn’t valuable,” Shoto interjected. “Watch closely.”
            Momo was forced to her knees, her eyes shutting from the sudden shove she received. When she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by a circle of men, each brandishing their thick, veiny monsters. Momo’s lips quivered with hesitation. Glancing up, she saw that Shoto was watching, though he appeared to be merely observing rather than having an invested interest. Momo shivered with embarrassment, not wanting to be subjected to this in front of Shoto, but she had no other choice. Accepting the lesson and scenario for what it was, Momo sheepishly nodded her head. With a shaky hand, she wrapped it around the base of the first dick she saw, but her slender fingers were incapable of wrapping around the girthy thing in its entirety. Hearing the man she grabbed groan, she felt him grab the back of her head and bring her head down to his manhood, forcing her lips to unwittingly kiss the pre-cum dribbling cockhead, smearing the musky fluid on her lips like lipstick. A sigh of acquiescence escaped her lips as she opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to caress the underside of the man’s cock. She tenderly, lovingly licked the underside, leaving hot trails of saliva in her wake and leaving the man in front of her a moaning mess. As the other cocks dangled around her head, Momo grabbed them as best she could, stroking them slowly, at once trying to draw out their pleasure and show the rest of the class how a girl properly adulated a man. 
            Not content to merely feel her soft hands, a pair of greedy hands grappled her ample breasts and squeezed them tightly, pinching and kneading her lewdly like she was some sort of cow. Getting caught up in a maelstrom of debauchery, one man grabbed Momo’s head, forcing her away from the cock she was worshipping to invade her mouth with his own, her taste buds assault with a foul and salty flavor. Throbbing like crazy, the cock glided in and out of her mouth, bashing against her tonsils before colliding with the back of her throat. Momo felt the urge to gag, but the immenseness of that thick dick suppressed that urge, forcing her to merely endure. All of a sudden, a thick blast of jism filled her mouth, nearly chocking her and leaving Momo’s mouth a white, frothy, sticky mess. Just as soon as that cock had exploded in her mouth and departed, another quickly filled her and did much the same. It was not about savoring the pleasure, but simply experiencing it, and these men did not care about Momo’s pleasure. Blast after blast of spunk left Momo’s mouth and breasts cover in thick, pearly white. After the sixth burst, Momo coughed with streams of white ooze streaming down her lips.
            “That was a good warmup,” one of the men laughed, pushing Momo on her back. She could see the entire class watching with wide eyes; some with smiles and some utterly appalled at how she was being abused. Momo just lied on her back, looking up to the musclebound brute that loomed over her, and the other men who encircled her, each having the same intent – to fuck her until they were satisfied.
            Like a beast eager to breed, the first man did not lavish Momo with any foreplay. Instead, he plainly lined his cock over her still wet and recently used pussy. A deep grunt was the only warning Momo received as she felt her pussy filled to the brim with cock; he thrust into her with such intensity that she felt like she had been socked in the stomach by All Might. Stretched to the limit, she could feel the man’s cock throb with every beat of his heart; it was a kind of strange feeling of completion, feeling connected to another human being like this.
            “Sweet Momo,” the man groaned. “I’m going to fuck you good!” His bulk looming over her, his cock buried in her cunt, the man grinned and suddenly hammered her pussy, Momo’s legs flying high up as she lied there and took it like a bitch in heat. Momo’s lips contorted into a pout as if she was blowing a kiss, and every now and again her tongue would flail out of her mouth while her eyes rolled into the back of her head; she knew she had to look ridiculous, a bitchborn slut being treated like a piece of fuck-meat.
            “Look!” she heard one of them laugh. “This bitch is in heaven. See that, class? This is the natural order of things. You lie there and we fuck you. Simple as that! Ha ha ha!”
            “Even an innocent virgin will turn into a horny bitch once she’s gotten her first load,” another laughed.
            Their words were beyond Momo. She could not hear them. All that her mental processes could handle was the overwhelming pleasure that was forced into her body. Thrust after thrust had punished her womanhood, punishing her pussy and stretching it beyond its limit, and yet she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, her body reacting from the painful onslaught of sublime ecstasy. Just when she thought her mind would shatter, just as she could no longer endure the orgasmic agony of that cock repeatedly slamming against her cervix, she felt the cockhead bash well beyond her cervix and plunge into her uterus. Momo’s mouth went wide open, but it was quickly stuffed by an eager cock; her vision went black from the imposing figure that obscured her vision; all she knew was the cock bashing her throat and the cock destroying her cunt. As her body quivered in wanton delight, she could feel an intense throbbing in her pussy. She wanted to scream and tell them to stop, knowing exactly what was about to happen. Mineta had done it before, but she never considered him anything less than a perverted little goblin. These big, muscular brutes were men! Their nigh bestial musk made her head spin. If one came inside her, it might…
            “GET KNOCKED UP, YOU FUCKING SOW!” the lumbering brute who claimed her shouted as she felt an intense deluge of cum fill her uterus. Momo’s entire body convulsed, her mind going blank from the blitz of ardor. “COME ON, YOU SLUT! SUCK OUT EVERY LAST DROP! I’M NUTTING! TAKE THIS NUT, BITCH!!!” He repeatedly hammered Momo, drawing his cock out and just before the head would pop past her abused pussy-lips, he drove back home. Copious amounts of cum exploded out of her ruined pussy as he continued to pump more and more and more into her, and all Momo could do was moan with a contented whore. Even when she felt the cock in her mouth explode with pleasure, she was still dazed from the assault on her womb.
            “She looks like she can handle some more,” the familiar voice of Shoto chimed in. “The lesson isn’t over, Yaoyorozu,” he reminded. “Everyone, take turns and use her as much as you want.”
            As soon as Momo could see again, once the meaty rod that had invaded her mouth had left, she saw the circle of men and saw the wild, perverted looks on their faces. What came next was a whirlwind of pain and pleasure that Momo could hardly begin to describe. She remembered being forced on all fours while each man had his way with her. She could feel both her cunt and asshole being violated by insatiable cocks as her breasts were squeezed, fondled, and grappled with shameless hands while being forced to envelope one jizzing shaft after another. The only constant was the cum – they came and came and came without pause.
            “Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Momo moaned over and over again for the men and for the class, losing herself with each sensation new sensation, with each ejaculation. Her body slowly growing dependent on the abuse, she felt herself climax again and again, her sloppy pussy mocked by the ravenous men. After her tenth orgasm, Momo knew she would be forever lost, a slave to this thing called pleasure. In a world were women amounted to fuck-meat, in a world where women inherited no Quirks, this was all they had, this wild pleasure…


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