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Chapter 34 - Mavis Dracula - Upstairs (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 34 - Mavis Dracula - Upstairs (C)

Chapter 34 - Mavis Dracula - Upstairs (C)
Commission for simo09. In addition to the usual stuff there's some werewolf sex, knotting, and tentacles.
Mavis always wondered if her father knew about the glory hole in the fifth floor janitor's closet. It was one of the hotel's dirtier secrets, and also Mavis's favorite retreat, a little pocket of the hotel where she could unwind away from everyone and everything, have some steamy fun by herself and pique her curiosities, as the wide variety of monsters that came to visit provided a dizzying array of all sorts of exotic cocks to toy with and get fucked by. Even if she couldn't see the world, at least she could get fucked by an endless stream of different men and monsters to pass the time. When she had a day of absolutely nothing ahead of her, she would slip into the stall opposite the room with the hole in it and lie in eager wait for someone to pay a visit.

Which led to Mavis sitting there bored for some time until she heard someone clear their throat. "I can hear you over there," said a somewhat impatient voice, which had Mavis perking up and looking to the hole, where she saw nobody.

"Is someone there?" she asked, shifting forward to try and peer through the hole, but in doing so her cheek brushed against something hard and warm. Big, too, but completely invisible, and as she realized what was happening, her eyes widened in excitement. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there."

Her remark earned a flat, sarcastic laugh from the invisible man on the other end of the wall, who wasn't going to complain about a joke he heard all the time if only so he could instead enjoy the cute vampire girl's mouth. Unamused but keeping it to himself, he just settled into position, his cock already all the way through the hole in the wall as he stood there and waited.

It was a rude come-on as far as things went, and Mavis couldn't help but pout as she reached for the invisible cock. The least he could have done was tell her he was there, given that there was no way of seeing him. Oh well, she wasn't going to worry about that as her hands both grasped and fumbled about the cock before her, feeling out the mystery shaft and getting a feel for its dimensions. It was an impressive feeling cock. Big, too. As she felt it out, she found herself delighted at the prospect of having a nice, big cock to suck, and was all too happy to lean clumsily forward, bringing her lips up to the tip and laying some kisses onto it, little bursts of affection as she shifted into position on her knees to get properly in front of the cock.

Sucking off invisible men was always at least a little awkward, even when they were communicative and helpful. And this one didn't seem to be particularly much of either. But that was fine by Mavis, who wrapped her lips around the head and felt out her situation a bit more. The weird challenge of it was almost a little exciting, a little different and fresh, but it did come with a few demands, namely the fact that she pretty much had to jump straight into sucking it right down, not being able to toy with it with her tongue or anything. There was just nothing fun about licking a dick she couldn't even see, and instead of belaboring that point she just went right for it, even with a cock as formidable as this one. She just went for it, sucking on the head and getting herself ready, hands tracing slowly down the length and making sure she had her aim right before deciding to impress.

Her mouth embraced the cock, eagerly sucking it down and sinking along eagerly, moans vibrating up through Mavis's mouth as she pushed forward, gripping the cock tightly to hold it steady. She knew this was going to be a challenge as the big invisible dick proved enough for her mouth to open up a bit wider in the process to better fit it into her mouth, her eyes closing as she set herself onto her task but could already feel the nagging certainty that this would be at least a little challenging to pull off. She was dealing with quite a hefty challenge before her, but it was one that Mavis met head-on, eager to feel where it went and delight her taste buds with the invisible treat.

A firm sucking was her best bet, as she got her mouth tight around the cock--tightness not being an issue given his girth--and forming a tight vacuum seal on the cock she took down, her hands gripping it firmer, stroking back and forth as she experimented and tested out how to best handle the situation before her. Eager to please and to succeed, Mavis rocked her head back and forth, her eyes closing as she found herself with little to do with her eyes; fundamentally, she was staring down at what seemed like ntohing, and her head didn't need to try and process any of what was happening, but it made it all the weirder. So she tried to let her other senses come into focus, tried to push away everything that was only going to mess with her head so that she could better look forward and put her thoughts to the task at hand.

Back and forth her head bobbed, and she heard groans from the other end of the wall, from the invisible man feeling the wet heat of her mouth and sinking into relief amid the pleasure he felt. He'd made his way here quickly, impatient and hearing rumours about the hotel's glory hole, where there was regularly a sweet, skilled vampire on the other end. To that end, Mavis had only made the hotel's glory hole more notable, and monsters were now coming to pay her visit, feeding into the steady cycle that kept her well fucked and happy.

With a big dick in her mouth, Mavis was certainly in a good mood, sucking it down far enough to let one of her hands go, reaching down between her legs and tugging up her sweater a bit. She stuffed her hand down into her tights and the panties beneath, whining, as she rubbed eagerly at her folds, the moans making all the saliva in her mouth vibrate vigorously, adding an extra push of sensation for the invisible man she kept fellating. Deeper she went, growing louder in her slurping noises as she let the cock reach the back of her throat, and she was left shivering with an air of excitement and need, psyching herself up to take him down even further still. Mavis had no idea that her efforts had only added to the popularity of the hole, but she was determined to make sure that she never disappointed a visitor, never slacked off or faltered in the least.

Which meant that cock was going down her throat, and that was the end of it. With her chest getting tight and her head spinning about in sudden bursts of excitement, Mavis threw herself forward, forcing herself to swallow down his cock, and she had done this enough that she could usually eyeball how much a cock was going to challenge her by sight, but she hadn't been able to estimate that with an invisible cock, and like every other time she took down a penis she couldn't see Mavis found herself choking loudly, eyes going wide as she found herself in over her head and thrown for a loop, disrupted and shaken by the sudden presence of a thick cock in her throat.

But once she'd started, she couldn't go back, and with no choice but to move forward, her hands braced against the wall, her eyes pressing tight together as she forced herself forward, taking the cock further down her gullet even amid the sloppy choking noises that bubbled up in the process. Mavis was definitely going too far, but that wasn't any reason to stop, even as she felt the pressure mount. She rocked her head back and forth with big, vigorous motions that forced the dick down her throat, refusing to let the way she gagged stop her, let alone slow her down. Not as she rubbed harder at her pussy and let her determination and sexual appetite get the better of everything else about this situation, helping her break that last bit of hesitation to take him down harshly.

The spasming of her throat around his cock and every wet, sloppy noise she made in taking him down made for an incredible experience that left the invisible man on the other end groaning harder, pressing up tight against the wall and savouring everything about the mess that Mavis was making. Her hot throat provided a tightness he couldn't get enough of, and it was all too much for him to bear. With a hard grunt and a slam forward that made the wall creak a little bit, he came, and Mavis was caught off guard by the sudden flood of cum gushing down her throat.

She pulled back in a panic, not because she was scared by the delightful feeling of thick goo sliding its way slowly down the lining of her throat, but because she loved watching invisible cocks cum. And maybe a bit because she needed to get off what had proven itself to be too much dick for her to handle. She whined as she stared at the nothing in front of her, cum appearing quite literally out of nowhere and spewing across her face as she sat there, fingers pushing into her twat eagerly as she let it all hit her. She took her facial like a champ, whining as the warm, gooey reward treated her to the primal delights she craved.

Without so much as a thank you, the invisible man walked off, his cock dripping with some spit and final cum droplets as it withdrew from the hole, and she could hear the footsteps and finally the door. With a sigh, Mavis slumped down, fingers still idly toying with her twat as she waited for her next visitor. Sometimes it wasn't very long at all, sometimes she found herself waiting so long she grew bored and almost wanted to go find something else to do, but lying there with fingers between her legs, she was willing to wait it out at least a little, to see where it went before jumping to any conclusions.

But fortunately, Mavis wasn't too long into her idle masturbation before she heard the door open, and this time her visitor was a very visible and very furry looking man. A werewolf! "Hi there," he said, sounding like a young man, one whose broad shoulders she got a peek of through the hole while he was still far enough away.

"Hi!" she chirped excitedly, snapping forward with wide eyes. She loved werewolf visitors more than most other sorts of monsters for one very specific reason, and as the werewolf pulled his cock out, she got a peek of it; the knot! The big, swollen red bulb at the base of his cock. The hole was wide enough for plenty of pelvis space, due to the varying sizes of monsters and their cocks, and in the case of the big wolf cock before her, she had a clear, direct route to get to his knot, leaning forward and kissing it eagerly, unable to keep her hungers from showing with an almost embarrassing fervor, but that was just how Mavis handled surprises like that.

The wolf let out a low, rumbling noise of delight as he felt the girl go straight for his cock. "Do you think you could take it?" he asked, and he nearly stumbled back, startled by the sudden noise of excitement he heard from the other end of the wall.

"Holy rabies! I'd love to take the knot!" It was why she loved knots so much, in fact, and just as quickly as she'd hit her knees to adore the knot she was up to her feet, pulling her sweater up to her waist and then pushing her tights down, stepping out of them and leaving her legs bare as she reached back for the cock and leaned forward. She backed herself up onto the cock, and after her all the deepthroating and teasing with her fingers her pussy was leaking all over her thighs, which was just how she liked it. Mavis  was primed for this cock now, and she showed off that eagerness with how hard she slammed herself down on it.

Shrieking in surprise and delight as the cock pushed into her, Mavis could feel the overwhelming delight hit her hard and hit her fast. Shuddering bliss tingled its way through her body, and she felt an electricity build up inside of her with a crackling need for more, as she grabbed her thighs and began to rock back and forth against the cock. Her wide hips and perky butt pressed back against the wall and the lap of the werewolf on the other side as she took charge in fucking herself atop the cock, and flaunted just how horny she was in the process. There was a time and a place for control and restraint, but sex with strangers through a hole in a wall wasn't one of them, and Mavis was all about losing herself to the special madness of getting far too into what she was doing.

Back and forth she rocked, round hips bucking eagerly as she felt herself tightening up with excitement and the heart pounding thrill of being taken. She was getting more worked up than she thought she would, but Mavis didn't mind that much at all how wound up she was getting as she pushed back, feeling the knot against her puffy entrance. It was a firm reminder of what awaited her as she rocked against the werewolf dick, her favorite part of this awaiting her, calling out to her, and it seemed all but guaranteed that she was going to get it, which had her moaning louder as she stuck her ass out and worked herself silly on his shaft.

For as good as having a girl riding up and down his cock was, there was too much pleasure to be found in fucking Mavis's amazing pussy for him to want to slow down. Her slick, tight inner walls gripping his cock, incredibly soft but offering up a wonderful resistance as he opened her up. Her hole was just an absolute delight and there was no way he could hold back all of his urges as frustration bubbled up hot within him and he found himself eagerly shoving forward, groaning as he started to join her, winding up for a nice, hard pace. Whoever this tight girl on the other end of the wall was, she was going to get a deep, hard werewolf rutting.

"Fuck me!" Mavis whined, and she didn't feel the least bit ashamed of it either. She felt too good to worry about what she was doing or saying; there was a time for decency when she wasn't getting fucked by a strange wolf at a glory hole. Here, she was concerned only about getting off, meeting his thrusts and quickening up her pace in an attempt to goad him into all she could get, wanting it harder and hotter no matter what. However fast he was going to fuck her, Mavis wanted to make him fuck her harder than that. Nothing was going to be 'enough' for the impatient vampire. Not until she came. Not until she felt that fat cock plugging her cunt stuck in place by the even fatter knot.

Even if he couldn't see much of it through the hole, there was an undeniable bounce in Mavis's eager ass as their rapid thrusts met in the middle with a harsh and overly intense swell of excitement. It was so much, bearing down upon them both with such heat and fire, but there was an undeniable swell of pure delight in everything they did that helped bring it all together, as Mavis moaned louder and the werewolf's grunts devolved into groans and panting and that telltale pre-howl tension. His voice was ragged and his thrusts were hard enough to make the wall shake a little from the steady back and forth of his eager hips. He wasn't quite as eager to impress and serve as Mavis was, but he wanted hard enough to get his rocks off that they met perfectly in the middle, a wonderful mixture of needs that complemented one another in pure desperation.

Rubbing her clit with her free hand, Mavis made sure to get as much as she could of that knot threatening her folds, her puffy labia squishing down against it as she pushed down as far as she trusted herself to, not wanting to throw herself down onto it too early and lock herself in before she'd gotten off, but also not wanting to deprive her new furry friend of doing it for her. It was apparent why as she hit her peak, suddenly bucking and whining as an orgasm blindsided her and the burning pleasure had her slamming down against the wall, her ass squished down as she whined, "Knot me!" so hard and so loud she was worried she might wake the dead.

Namely, the mummy in the room across the hall.

With the tight, hot, greedy hunt begging his cock, clenching down and spasming around him, the werewolf couldn't hold back. He howled as he slammed forward, forcing his thick, swollen knot inside of her. The raw, dominant force with which he knotted her was why Mavis would never throw herself down onto a knot, craving that feeling of brutal, territorial delight that lit her up with all sorts of intense, decadent thrills. Moans rose up hotly as she felt the tightness locking her in, the incredible thrill pounding through her body as she was locked into place by the massive knot and left shuddering and twisting about in burning frustration and bliss. Not to mention the sudden flooding of thick, burning spunk deep into her tight hole, leaving her with a feeling of intense relief as her lusts were so easily and powerfully taken care of. Sweet, soothing elation washed over Mavis as she wiggled her hips, giving the faintest push forward.

She was locked in tight on the knot, stuck in place as the swollen bulb remained lodged inside of her twat, plugging it up and ensuring the cum inside of her remained in place. It was a feeling as decadent and twisted as they came, and there was no better way for Mavis to enjoy the sweet afterglow than to feel that cock lodged inside her. She wasn't going anywhere, but she didn't mind that too much, as she remained slumped forward, leaned in place and resting in silence. She didn't need to talk to the random men who knotted her; in fact, the silence was nice, savouring the stillness of a moment and the wind down from her peak.

The werewolf didn't seem eager to make conversation either, standing there and letting his cock remain lodged inside of her for a little while longer. Her slick, velvety folds weren't exactly a bad place to keep his cock warm, until finally his knot deflated. As he drew back, cum leaked from her unplugged hole, but he didn't stay by to appreciate the sight, walking off and going about his day now that he'd had his balls drained. Which was fine by Mavis; she wasn't here to make friends or get any kind of thankfulness, she just wanted to get off. And as the werewolf walked off, she crumpled to the floor with a delighted whine, down on all fours with her round ass up high and cum trickling down her thighs.

Mavis tended to linger at the glory hole for about as long as she felt like, and then once she was done she was content with leaving and going about her day, content and having her frustrations vented. Sometimes she was there for hours, but after a nice, hard knotting, Mavis felt like she was done enough to get up and go about her day, maybe come back later and having some more fun if she got horny again later. That was the real fun about coming to visit the upstairs hole; she didn't have to make any commitments, able to come in and out as needed. And now, she was ready to skip off and go do something else.

But then she felt something slimy brush against her hip, which startled Mavis enough into snapping her head back, surprised and wondering what was happening. A long green tentacle pushed through the hole in the wall, and the gasping vampire shivered weakly, realizing that she had been so inattentive that a tentacle monster had snuck up on her. Surprise made a response get caught in her throat, as she tried to think of something that she could say, but then came another tentacle dragging along her slit, and all that she could get out was a shaky moan, her head arching back and her fingers tightening against the floor. "Oh," she whined, biting her lip.

She thought she'd been done, but she wasn't quite so sure of that anymore, not when she felt tingles across her body as another tentacle pressed against one of her perky butt cheeks. Mavis was having a lot of trouble articulating anything as she watched the glory holes fill up. There were a few different holes in the wall at differing heights and across the sides, to accommodate some of the more peculiar monsters, some of them being a bit too tall or bizarre to get into the regular one. But this green tentacle monster had better ideas, shoving his way into the other holes and getting more tendrils through.

Not able to actually see Mavis anymore, the tentacle monster pressed his wriggling limbs against her flesh and felt around blindly, fumbling about as he caressed her body, making the vampire whine as she pulled herself up, kneeling on the floor and trying to think about what to say as tentacles slithered their way up her oversized sweater, caressing her tits and swatting against her perky butt. "Uh, this is... Would you..." Lust was burning up hotly within Mavis, reigniting her frustrations and leaving her feeling like maybe she hadn't been fully sated after all, a strange thought that she didn't feel she could easily deny given that as one of the tendrils pushed against her mound and rubbed up and down against her, she was unable to keep from rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her dripping snatch against the tendril and letting the sensations carry her eagerly away. "Would you please fuck me?"

Shivering and pleading for more didn't feel the least bit embarrassing to Mavis, and as she felt the tentacle slam up into her loosened and sloppy twat she didn't hide how good it felt either, screaming out in delight as her hands reached for two of the other tentacles, grabbing them and bringing them up to her lips. She threw herself down on one of the cocks, moaning as she started to suck on it, while she kept her hands stroking rapidly along both of them, jerking them off and trying her best to accommodate the shameless pleasure of both of them at once. There was almost never any hardcore group action at the glory hole, and when the opportunity presented itself she always found herself a little too excited by the prospects, like she was secretly a gangbang slut in desperate need of this kind of pleasure at all times and just didn't realize it.

Wiggling her hips and pressing her round, perky butt out toward a tendril that rubbed against her cheeks, she gestured against the feeler to take her ass too, and thankfully didn't have to pull back from the cock she was now sucking to get it. The tentacle pushed its way into her, evoking a rising, delighted whine as Mavis felt herself triple penetrated, taken in all three holes and definitely feeling her lust being reignited. A surge of pure delight and infectious need seized her, tightening her mind and making her body light up with such fervid, desperate hunger that she really couldn't help herself. This was what Mavis had craved, and to feel it seize her tightly was precisely what she was here for.

Suddenly, Mavis wasn't thinking too much anymore about how 'satisfied' she thought she was. She didn't much feel like her itch had been scratched either. Knots were amazing, and she did love them, but she Clearly wasn't done yet if her hips were bucking so eagerly back and forth to meet the thrusts of the cocks buried in her ass and her pussy, feeling so decadent in how utterly full she was, the two girthy shafts opening up her holes, one of which had still been rather pristine. The slime that coated the tentacles was probably the best lube in the world, and it pushed easily into her behind, fucking her tight hole looser and looser with each push forward, excited to be taking her with a vigor that simply could not be beat.

As she jerked off both tentacle dicks in tandem, Mavis tried her best to give an equal sucking to both of them, moving back and forth between them as needed to let them have her mouth. Mavis's lips formed a loose, sloppy seal around the cocks, nothing precisely or refined, but the sloppiness seemed better suited to working with two cocks at once, giving a wet, messy, noisy slobbering to both tentacles instead of bothering to keep herself refined or dignified in the last. Why worry about that when she could get carried away going absolutely all out on the matter at hand? She was having the time of her life, as drool and tentacle slime mingled together, dripping from her lips and wetting her sweater. This was a lurid escape, a sloppy indulgence that nobody could see, and that freedom meant that Mavis could get as dirty and carried away as she wanted to without the least bit of hesitation.

She heard a few strange noises from the other end of the wall over her own slurping and gagging and moaning, but that was normal; tentacle beasts were on the weird end of monsterdom and certainly prone to bizarreness, the sounds that it made not bothering her too much at all. They sounded like they were rooted in pleasure, though, at least for as much as she could really puzzle out anything from the sounds that graced her ears. It was such a strange situation that she didn't question it or worry too much about it one way or another, accepting that she was in this position and was better off just rolling with it to whatever end she could.

Having a cock in each hole was one of the strangest things Mavis could do, but it felt so oddly rewarding that she was lit up with enough delight to press boldly onward anymore, a moaning mess servicing the cocks in front of her as she let the fullness and overwhelming nature of what was being done to her carry her up to new heights. Everything she endured was in the name of pleasure, and she felt better and better with each push of the tentacles into her ass and her pussy at once, a deep tandem fucking that felt as incredible as anything she could have ever hoped for. Without shame she sank right back into need and lust, giving herself up to the pleasure and her need to suck these cocks off, and at no point did Mavis feel like maybe she was overstepping any boundaries or going too far.

Was there even a too far? She refused to think so. Vampires were creatures of hunger, and this was merely sating a kind of hunger for her, hardly the most absurd or decadent of things vampires did to satisfy their lusts, and it was all so safe and comfortable, completely on her terms even as it overwhelmed her tight body, as her ample hips continued to twist about with fitful excitement through the steady pounding of her body. At no point dd the tentacle monster let up or give her a moment's reprieve, which was exactly how she wanted it. Endless, firm, never stopping or quitting. The tentacle monster indulged for her, and all she needed to do was whine, suck, and stroke her way to having the orgasm that bubbled up uncontrollably within her.

The monster grew louder, and Mavis did too, out of control as she brought both cocks head to her lips and opened her mouth wide. Rather than go deep with one she went shallow with both, forcing into her mouth and sucking sloppily on both heads at once, her hands rocking faster as she went out of control, moaning loudly and drooling messily, a complete wreck of a girl but feeling like she was riding high on something special. As her orgasm tore through her, she had all the confirmation she needed of that fact; Mavis was overwhelmed with a powerful flood of sensation that burned across her shivering body, made her buck and whine and surrender herself without shame or hesitation to the pleasures consuming her from within.

With her holes growing tighter and the lurid display of her double blowjob, the tentacle monster was dragged down with her. Cum filled her holes up, pumping deep into her womb and flooding her ass, leaving her to suffer the thick, gooey heat with a smile on her face and an absolutely delighted feeling of pure satisfaction. The cum that gushed into her mouth was impossible to swallow, and she didn't bother even letting her mouth fill up before pulling the cocks away, letting them pump the remainder of their loads onto her face and leaving her a complete wreck of a woman twisting about in her own maddened delight as she bit her lip, whining and leaking from all ends with cum.

The tentacles pulled away from Mavis, leaving her to once more collapse to the floor, and this time, it wasn't to her hands and knees. She lay face-down on the floor, a shivering heap of gooey, creamy disaster. She felt so full, so hot, and so utterly satisfied, her holes plundered to an extent so far she couldn't have asked for any better, and in that afterglow she didn't feel like she could do much more than just lie there for a moment and savour it all a little while longer, eyes closed and body completely satisfied.

Mavis was covered in too much cum and leaking from her ass and pussy too much to just wipe off, throw her tights back on, and pretend nothing had happened, and as she stumbled up to her feet, she pulled her tights on and shivered, closing her eyes and trying to think about a good way to sneak around back to her room with a minimal chance of being noticed. She opened the door and quickly turned into a bat, racing down the hall and out through the window, into the night sky so she could circle back around, and hope she remembered to actually open her bedroom window this time.

One of the strangest rumours to hang about the Hotel Transylvania was the infrequent sighting of a bat flying around absolutely dripping with cum.


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