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Chapter 1 - Iiniku Ushijima

Various female celebrities receive the black letter inviting them into The Second Circle. How could they resist the temptation. Submission and surrender await. Pic Links Included

Chapter 1 - Iiniku Ushijima

Chapter 1 - Iiniku Ushijima
The Second Circle
An Erotic Fan-Fiction featuring a menagerie of celebs
Chapter 1 : Iiniku Ushijima

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content including strong language and degradation and humiliation content. If such material offends you then please do not continue. No harm is intended towards the celebrities portrayed within. I do not know any of the persons portrayed within. I make no money off of this work.

Author's Notes : Welcome to my next multi-chapter story. This time instead of Anime, Video Game, or Cartoon and Comic Book characters the focus is on celebrities. Special thanks to everyone who took part in the title discussion on the Hentai Foundry forums and in particular to AlCiao for the suggestion of The Second Circle.

Iiniku Ushijima : A young woman in her twenties, native to Japan and an internet celebrity known for her cosplay work. Her photos, both in cosplay and non-costume alike, range from cheesecake to soft core with an exhibitionist streak on display. Pic Links below.

Late Summer, Tokyo Japan 9:30 PM Local Time

Work at her day job had run late today but since she had no photo shoots lined up for this week it wasn't a disaster for her schedule, just a bother. The late arrival home meant she had been forced to cancel plans, which had been dinner with a friend. It was nothing that she couldn't reschedule. Iiniku opened the front door to her stark white walled apartment and casually blew some of her black hair out of her eyes. She stepped inside. It was a fairly large apartment. For one found in as high a cost of living city like Tokyo was that is.

Used to wearing much less than her work clothes Iiniku wasted no time once she was inside getting stripped down. As she finished peeling out of her work clothing she was still standing in the doorway. Her door still wide open to the outside world. She was clad only in a pair of panties and a bra marked with blue and white horizontal stripes. Each stripe was about the width of a pencil. There was no particular care if her neighbors or any passerby’s got a free show out of it. Actually the thought got her excited and was a fantasy she had dwelt on many a time in the past. She was a natural exhibitionist which had in part led to her internet modeling. The thought of strangers gazing at her body and the pleasures they might get from it aroused her to no end.

She was a natural beauty in body and face. Her Japanese features had the typical youthful appearance and she needed and rarely wore any makeup even when doing her photo shoots, preferring a naturalistic look. Her black hair hung down to her eyes in the front and the rest of it she wore at around mid neck in length. It was a short cute look that accentuated her natural features to be sure. Her body was slender with wonderful curves in the exact right places. Small but very perky round breasts, a smooth stomach, round hips and her moneymaker, an amazing ass that one could not help but stare at. It was the focus of a great many of her photo shoot images. She was not shy whatsoever about flaunting it. Even now her striped panties hung half way down her ass revealing a generous helping of crack to ogle.

Finally she stopped teasing any who might be outside and shut the door. She then crossed the floor of her apartment towards her computer. She paused a moment as she looked down at the keyboard and saw something odd. A smooth and unmarked black envelope sat atop her keyboard. The curiosity at what it might be overcame the panic she might have felt at the realization that someone must have come in to set it there for her to find. She smiled to herself wondering what this odd and exotic looking envelope might contain.

Lifting it up from her keyboard she turned it over finding it was similarly unmarked on the other side. Picking up a letter opener from her desk she carefully opened the strange letter, taking care not to damage the contents. Inside she found a piece of black paper folded twice over. Removing it from the envelope Iiniku found it was a thicker material, almost like card-stock, and the look and and feel of it to her mind made it seem an expensive material, not something one would find used in casual mail at all. Unfolding the black paper she opened it and looked to find the writing was in white ink. She noticed a texture pressed or woven into the paper that she ignored for now as she looked to see what it said.

The contents were as follows : (Included in both Japanese and English)

When : This Very Evening

Where : The Second Circle

You are cordially invited to an assuredly life altering experience this evening. If you are reading this you have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity which is only ever offered to a very select few.

Should you make use of this invitation you will experience pleasures, desires, and experiences of which we dare not speak. If you have a curiosity to taste the decadent and debauched, to learn of ultimate surrender to carnal desire then you must respond in the flesh.

This offer will only be extended to you once. If you wish to accept follow the below instructions. If you decline all you need do is disregard said instructions and you will not be bothered again.

Be aware there are no safe words and no roads back for those who pass into The Second Circle. Consider these words well.

Don one of your outfits as you would for one of your photo shoots. Then leave your home and head on foot to the bus stop three blocks north. You have until 10:30 PM if you wish to accept.


Iiniku re-read it a second time, then stared blankly at the fancy paper as she thought about what it was saying. She didn't take it as a prank, the fancy paper invitation dissuaded such thoughts and she couldn't help but think it sounded serious. Her fingers traced over the paper and she realized now what the imprint within it was. There were images engraved into the paper. One appeared to be a mask of some variety. She couldn't be sure but it seemed to have something like horns jutting out from it. The other image was a pair of handcuffs. A naughty smile came over the internet model's face. It sounded like some kind of kinky sex club.

It wasn't a hard decision to make. She was already something of an adult or at least risque model as it was. The club sounded very exclusive and fancy going on what facts she had in evidence at this point. It could be a lot of fun to walk on the wild side a bit and check it out. The only thing that she had a second thought about was the line of warning. She laughed it off in short order as being a bit of salesmanship to try and make the club sound more exclusive and mysterious however. She wasn't going to let a little thing like that scare her off from an exotic night of naughty fun!

Setting the letter and envelope back down onto her desk she bounced across the room over to her closet. It had said to wear something skimpy from her wardrobe. She loved looking sexy and being scantily clad and had a lot of options to choose from. The thought of parading around in one of her outfits with people watching brought out the wild exhibitionist in her and made her wet just thinking about it.

Her panties fell to the floor, her bra followed them quickly. Standing there buck naked before her closet she ran her hands over the curves of her breasts and toyed with her nipples, already stiff with the thought of the night to come. She quickly settled on an outfit and pulled on a pair of tiny gray woolen shorts with white piping on either hip and around the bottom hem. It had a white drawstring which she tied so they wouldn't continuously fall off. To say there were short was an understatement. They were so short that it barely covered the under curve of her ass and most movements put said curves on display. Next she tore off several pieces of shiny black electric tape. Realizing her breasts would likely be on display at one or more points in the evening she opted to cover each of her nipples with an X of tape. She loved teasing her fans with hiding her nipples away like this while not wearing a bra. Putting it onto her erect nipples sent a pleasant tingling charge through her body. She bit her lower lip and stiffled a moan then reached for a white tank top. Pulling it over her head the tiny tank-top left the soft curves of the undersides of her breasts visible and it was so sheer that the black tape was easily seen through it.

Leaving the closet behind she finished off her outfit selection with a pair of loose baggy socks of the legwarmer variety so popular with Japanese schoolgirls and those seeking to emulate their appearance and then a pair of white and pink sneakers. Looking herself over in a full length mirror by the door to her apartment she smiled and flashed a V sign with both hands as if she was taking a photo. That reminded her to grab her cellphone as she never went without it. She put on a sexy pose and face and snapped a quick self shot then added the tag “Going Clubbing” to it. Then opening her door she stepped outside, locked the door behind her and set off down the street on foot.

Being after dark the streets were not deserted in this neighborhood but were quite sparsely traveled. She saw a few office-worker types who were heading from one bar to another who in their inebriated state gave catcalls and whistles to the hot model in the scandalous street-wear. She gave them a rise hoisting her top and bouncing a bit making her small round tits jiggle delightfully. When they started as if to cross the street and try and talk to her she winked, blew them a kiss and took off down the street at a pace the two drunks could not keep up with. Another time she might have stopped a moment to flirt shamelessly but she had bigger and better things in mind as she skipped down the street until they gave up and turned back towards the bar.

A few more pedestrians gave her odd looks, generally leering males and one scornful glare of an old woman who obviously thought little of today's youths and their morals as she bemoaned the sorry state of the current times under her breath. Iiniku giggled at the fuddy-duddy and continued until she realized the street had gotten quieter. No one was about anymore and there seemed to be fewer lights. She felt a nervous chill run down her spine, she was flirting with danger a pretty young woman out by herself in an area like this. It was only the belief that someone was coming to pick her up that kept the feeling as just a minor thought in the back of her head. Reaching the covered bench that was the bus stop she took a seat and waited. Suddenly she was no longer walking alone. A vehicle had pulled up alongside the curb. It was a long black limo with darkly tinted windows that pulled up in front of her. One of the rear passenger compartment windows opened an inch and a males voice, one which had an air of sophistication to it, came forth.

“I see you've decided to accept our offer then. Very well, please do come inside.”

The door opened and Iiniku leaned down and slipped inside. She found the vehicle to be exquisite, a item of purest luxury. The forward facing leather bench seat was ultimately comfortable as she settled into it, feeling the cool material against her copious amounts of bare skin. There were multiple screens, numerous controls to who knew what other devices, and a well stocked bar. The man who had greeted her sat opposite her in a rear facing chair. He was Caucasian and she could see he had piercing blue eyes and hair of lightest brown. Beyond that features were hard to distinguish owing to the mask he wore. It was black, looked to be made of silk, and looked quite similar to the image upon the invitation. It did seem to have a pair of horns emerging from either side. She could see his lower face, he wore no facial hair and when he smiled at her his teeth were immaculate and pearly white. He was clad in a black suit that looked as expensive as the limo likely was.

The mystery man made no attempt to hide the way he looked her over. His eyes traveled over her taking in every inch of flesh of the model's tight and sexy body. There was a hunger in his gaze which she readily picked up on. Just sitting there being observed like this excited her. Iiniku could feel her pulse quicken as he visually caressed her. Finally his eyes met hers and he spoke again. He surprised her with fluent Japanese.

“Iiniku Ushijima. It is a pleasure to have you accept our invitation. I trust you'll find your first introduction to our establishment to be enlightening.”

She smiled and bowed her head briefly towards him.

“Thank you for the offer. I must admit I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of this club before now.”

“Most certainly you had not. It is a well guarded secret, only a very select few learn of it's existence or are extended an invitation such as you received.”

“In that case I'm most honored. I can't wait to see it.”

He motioned to the bar. “Would you care for a drink?”

“Why yes, thank you.”

“What would you care to partake of?”

“I'll leave that to you.” She giggled playfully.

“Very well then.”

He mixed a drink and handed it back to her. Iiniku tasted it then finding it to her liking drank. She noted he had settled back into his seat without making one for himself. She was about to ask where in the city the club was found when she realized she was quite drowsy. Within moments she had slumped across the seat and passed into unconsciousness.

An unknown amount of time later. The Second Circle.

Iiniku awoke to find herself laying face down on what felt like a mattress. It was soft yet firm and covered in black vinyl. She realized she was still dressed as she had been when she got into the car though she had lost track of time while out and had no idea how long had passed. Realizing she had been drugged she thought that was a bit far to take things. She didn't dwell on it just now however instead focusing on the fact that she now found herself wearing a black leather collar around her throat and that her hands were bound behind her back with leather cuffs. Bondage was nothing new to the model, she had done some for her photo shoots in the past. Though in those cases she had been awake when first being restrained.

Looking around she saw she was in what appeared to be a small dark room. She could see three walls, all painted black. The fourth wall she could not make out as it retreated back into darkness on that side. The only light was a simple bulb which hung from a cord directly above her. Before her eyes could adjust to the limited light available suddenly the bulb flickered out. For a moment the room was cast in darkness then just as quickly a pair of bright spotlights clicked to life from the side of the room that had been concealed in shadow. Looking directly into the lights was blinding but between her and them she could now see that on the other side of the room was an audience. It was made up of about a dozen people sitting in seats facing her. It looked to be a mix of men and women based on the suits and dresses they wore. All of them had their gazes fixed on the bound Japanese model.

The fact that they were back lit meant she couldn't distinguish much about the seated figures. The one who spoke she recognized immediately however. It was the mystery man who had met and drugged her in the car. He sat in the front row to the right side of the room.

“May I present Iiniku Ushijima this fine evening my fellow Daemons. As you can well see she is an Angel worthy of the name. Tonight she is ready for the fall. Tonight she will enter the second circle, the dwelling place of those who lust. Drake, if you would be so kind as to begin.”

A grunt of acknowledgment came from behind the spotlight on the left side of the chamber.

“It'd be my pleasure.”

Stepping into the light was a tall and powerfully built man who stood over 6 feet in height, quite probably 6'3” or just over. He'd have towered over Iiniku even had she not been laying prone on the mattress. He had the body of an athlete, quite possibly a swimmer as he was muscled but not so thick chested as a boxer or football player. It was more of a wiry, lean muscle. His hair was short and dark brown, almost black in color. He wore a different mask than the man who had drugged her. It was red instead of black and made from what appeared to be paper mache rather than silk. This masks visage was twisted into a devilish sneer and two twisted horns rose from it's brow. His intense grey eyes were visible beneath it. It stopped above his mouth like the other man's mask had, revealing a clean shaven chin. The man named Drake was clad in a black robe which appeared to be made of silk that was open to around his navel. The waist was closed with a simple sash belt and the robe was to his mid calf in length. His skin was slightly olive in tone and where his robe hung open in the front a tattoo was visible. It appeared to be an image of a serpent of some variety that came over his shoulder and descended down his torso past what was currently revealed. Overall he had an air of sternness that exuded from him as he approached the bound model and lacked any of the refinement the other man seemed to possess.

Iiniku had found it difficult to try and prop herself up with her arms bound behind her so she waited lying there her eyes locked on Drake as he approached. It seemed like she was going to be involved in some show for the audience and that idea got her very excited indeed. The tall man now stood beside where she lay. He turned towards the crowd and held out his arms to either side, palms pointed towards the ceiling. His voice had none of the sophistication of the one who had brought her here. He spoke far more plainly and with a harsh edge.

“Ladies and gents. Tonight I present to you some top notch grade A Japanese whore-meat.”

Whether for her benefit or quite possibly because there were some Japanese speakers in the crowd a female voice was piped into the room a seconds delay from when the man spoke giving an accurate Japanese translation. Iiniku felt the heat in her cheeks as she heard him describe her this way. Now she pressed down on the mattress with her head trying to rise. Immediately his foot pressed down against her back pining her to the bedding.

“And just who told you to get up cuntlet.”

She ceased her effort and he removed his foot from her back.

“You'll do two things. What I tell you to do and what I make you do. Are we fucking clear?”

She glanced up at him without daring to try and rise again. It was almost as if a switch had been flipped. Iiniku immediately realized he was dominant, she was to submit and as if by instinct she did so. She nodded, her face still pressed into the black material of the mattress that yes she understood. Suddenly the mattress began to rotate until she faced away from the crowd towards the far wall. It seemed motorized but it was so silent and smooth she couldn't detect it save for the motion it made. Scared of another reprisal she laid still and waited for Drake to act. She could feel a slight adjustment in the surface of the mattress as he knelt on one knee beside her.

“Get your ass up. Show the audience your good side.”

This was her chance. The audience was watching her. She could feel their eyes upon her waiting to see the sexy model and what she had to offer. With her legs snug together at the knees she pushed up off the mattress with her abdomen first. This lifted her ass up off the mattress and pulled the tiny shorts she wore tight against it. They pulled down several inches revealing her ass crack for all to see. They also dug in as tight as could be against her showing off every curve of her glorious ass. She moved her abdomen causing her ass to rise and fall a few times feeling the eyes caressing every inch of curve of her backside. Then she brought her knees in beneath her closer to her stomach. This allowed her jut her ass end up off the mattress further while her face and chest was still pressed down into it forming her body into a triangle.

As she remained in this head down ass up position she felt Drake' hands upon her. He began by placing a palm on each ass cheek and pressing them together. His touch was powerful and authoritative. He was in awareness of his full control. His hands began to alternate pressing her cheeks together then spreading them apart quickly. It had a nice bounce as he made her ass jiggle in his hands. Next he tugged the back of her shorts which pulled them tight against her crotch. The fabric rubbed and teased her bare cunt for Iiniku had not worn any panties beneath her short shorts. Her knees rubbed together as the pleasurable waves flowed through her body in response. It felt so dirty being watched by a room full of strangers while her snatch was teased like that. The wetness became visible as her pussy juices soaked the area of her shorts that was pressing into the folds of her sex. That spot turned a dark gray which was quite visible.

“What a filthy little slut you are. You like being ogled don't you whore?”

Her only response was a quiet moan. Now he grabbed her shorts at the waistband and tugged them downwards. He pulled them around her mid thigh revealing her bare ass and pussy so that the audience might see her nakedness. Iiniku was startled, she hadn't necessarily planned on going so far. This wasn't the internet where she could control a photo shoot and only reveal as much as she allowed. This was real and they saw everything. She momentarily thought about speaking up but she recalled the invitation. It had warned there were no safe words and hence no limits she could impose. She had no idea how far they might take things. She was along for the ride now. She could feel their gazes, as if they were physically touching her, prying their way into her clean shaven pussy that was revealed before them.

Her cunt was well deserving of the crowds gaze. Fleshy, slightly puffy, pussy lips clung together forming a smooth crevice directly below the equally luscious one formed by her ass cheeks pressed tightly together. Drake placed his hands once more upon her now bare ass cheeks. Pulling them apart her tightly closed anus peeked out at the crowd. Iiniku couldn't see them in her current position but she could feel the gazes on her dirty places. Letting her ass go Drake turned his attention to her pussy. He traced it with a finger starting at the bottom and running up along it. Iiniku felt an electric sensation run through her body as this unknown man touched her most intimate of places. Then he put a finger on either side and spread them forcing her open for the crowd to see. Droplets of her juices visibly clung to either side as her pussy was spread.

Iiniku gasped suddenly as she felt a finger intrude inside her. Drake crudely dug into the soft pink flesh inside her pussy and pulled back a finger coated in the juices of her arousal. He shoved his finger between his lips and sucked it clean. As he pulled the digit back out of his mouth he smacked his lips exaggeratedly.

“Tasty little cunt. I think we'll have a lot of fun with that.”

Without warning he pulled back one of his hands and gave her a hard firm swat on the ass. It jiggled nicely and Iiniku squeaked at the sudden switch from on intimate touch to a harsher more aggressive one. Just as suddenly his hand was wrapped around one of her bound arms and pulling her up to her knees. He spun her around to face the crowd in a kneeling position upon the mattress. Her shorts were down around her knees and she could feel the juices beginning to coat the insides of her thighs. It must have been visible in the powerful light of the spotlights to the crowd. Her bangs hung down over her eyes as she looked out at the mass of figures who were but silhouettes to her.

“Alright slut, time to show the goods.”

He grabbed the tank top that already barely covered her chest and pulled it up causing her perky little tits to bounce and jiggle with abandon. Pulling it up over her head he left it looped over her shoulders behind her neck. Then he turned his eyes to the round orbs with crosses of black tape covering clearly erect nipples. Stepping behind her on the mattress he reached a hand around either side and groped her chest freely. Iiniku moaned as she felt his powerful hands on the highly sensitive skin of her breasts. He began to playfully slap one then the other from beneath causing them to alternately bounce with each strike. After a short demonstration of her jiggle his hands turned their attentions to her nipples. He began by contenting himself with pulling and rubbing them through the tape which made Iiniku squirm in delight as he tweaked them. Then he gripped the lower pieces of tape on each breast and tugged suddenly. Each pulled up not only that piece but the other piece laid over it in a sudden movement. She cried out in shock as a mix of pain and pleasure tore through her body. The shock of it sent her sprawling forward onto the mattress once again as Drake did not make any effort to catch or support her.

“On with the show.”

Still recovering from the shock of the tape being so suddenly torn away Iiniku barely noted the fact that Drake had tugged her shorts the rest of the way off and was now positioning her as he desired. He spread her legs and angled her ass end up once more. Then he rose up to standing on the mattress and tugged open the sash belt of his black robe. Sliding the silk garment off he tossed it to one side of the room. Now he only wore a black leather cup which covered his crotch. The tattoo of the serpent ran down his abdomen all the way under the cup. Removing this as well he let it drop to the floor. An audible gasp escaped the lips of one of the viewers, a new attendee who was not familiar with the man's talents. His cock was the stuff of legends and would easily make him most desired as a porn star if he had desired to go into said field. Long was a word that failed to measure up when used to describe the behemoth he sported. He was circumsized and the wide shaft had thick veins bulging out almost obscenely from it's surface. Here the serpents body continued until it terminated in a snakes head at the tip of his cock. When this snake spit venom there was no mistaking what it was.

Iiniku felt his hands grip her on either side by the hips. Drake lined up his monster sized cock with her tight little pussy. The serpent's head pressed against the smooth skin of her pussy which was once more clinging together. Before she could speak or respond in any way he suddenly pressed against her and felt the tightness of her soft cunt as it spread to accept his girth. His muscled body began to pump powerfully but slowly at this point driving him deeper inside her.

Iiniku realized just how much she had underestimated the clubs warning in their invitation. She was just a model, she dabbled in softcore photo shoots. She hadn't been a virgin it was true but she wasn't doing live sex shows either. Before now that was. The eyes of the crowd were on her as she was penetrated and it felt like nothing she had ever felt before. Almost as powerful as the dominant man who had taken control of and claimed her. She realized two things. One was that she couldn't stop this and the second was that she wasn't sure if she wanted to. Then she heard Drake speak.

“Playtime's over. Time to break this cunt in.”

One powerful hand slid beneath her smooth stomach, his other ran up her side and gripped one of her shoulders. He lifted her up so her bound arms pressed against him and her back rubbed against his broad chest. Her legs spread to either side. The sight of his massive man meat half impaled inside her was fully visible to the audience. He jabbed deep inside her driving the rest of his cock in. It was more than the perky little Japanese model could take and she cried out and shivered in pleasure as she hit her peak and reached orgasm. Drake on the other hand was just getting started. He gripped her tight by the hips again and began to bounce her up and down while also jack-hammering into her from below. It was like a power tool the force and speed which he rammed in and out of her. The air was thick with the sound of flesh slapping together as they came together over and over again. His balls bounced and slapped against her body as he fucked her good and hard. All she could do was moan and cry out as he overwhelmed her senses.

“That's right. Show everyone what a fucking slut-pig you are.”

“Yes, yes!”

She began to cry out in Japanese as he plowed her cunt for the viewing pleasure of the guests. They saw his titanic meat pole disappear fully into her thin little body. They watched her perky little tits bounce wildly up and down as he fucked her like a machine. Iiniku imagined them hidden in the shadows stroking their cocks and cunts to the sight of her getting taken by the powerful man. Unlike the guests watching her he was not what they referred to as a Daemon, a member of the club. He was known as the Dragon, or the Serpent, and he had the less symbolism steeped name he had carried even before falling in with the club, the Breaker.

Iiniku had had her second, her third, her fourth orgasm by now. She had actually lost count of them and it almost seemed as if every thrust was a new wave of pleasure as he fucked her. His cock reached deep inside her and stretched her cunt around it each time it battered it's way in. It didn't stop with the physical effect either. It was as if his cock was training her, turning the entirety of her desire to be fucked and used and of course the desire to be watched while this happened. It was as if he sensed this in her as he spoke.

“Tell us what kind of slut you are.”

Her English was good enough she didn’t need to wait for the translation over the speakers. In accented English she cried out, “I'm a dirty filthy slut! Please use me as you like! Fuck my slutty whore-body however you like! I need it! I need thick hard cock!”

“Spoken like a true whore.” As a reward for her obeying his command he obliged her. His thrusts slowed but became even more powerful. They went deeper till his cockhead was battering against the girls cervix. Like with her pussy it could not deny him entrance. He penetrated into the deepest places in her cunt and began to fuck the pretty little models womb with his power-tool of a cock. He bounced her up and down upon his lap a while letting the audience look on in amazement. Eventually satisfied with his work he instructed her.

“Now, beg me to spill my seed upon your slutty little face.”

She wanted his cum. Needed to feel its warm thickness all over her. “Yes! Please, please paint my face with your seed! I need it, to feel it upon my skin and to taste it in my mouth!”

Without speaking he lifted her off his cock which bounced in the air several times, still huge and erect as it pulled free from her pussy. It shined and dripped with cunt juice and precum that coated it making the snakes head tattoo seem even more life like as it glistened in the light. Lifting the petite model he set her on her back on the edge of the bedding. Her head hung over the edge facing the audience and she saw them all upside down from her current position. Drake knelt above her, legs straddling her chest. He gripped his massive fuck stick with one hand while the other grabbed the back of Iiniku's head and tilted it up so she was facing the cock that had so recently violated her. His hand was pumping up and down along his shaft when suddenly he grunted and his body tensed.
The first shot of cum blasted out in a torrent. Thick off white semen sprayed her pretty little face. Cum messed her hair and coated and clung to her skin. She could smell it's thick masculine smell, full of virility. Droplets of jizm clung to her nose slowly starting to ooze down along it. Cum strands ran over half closed eyes, caught up in her eye lashes. Globs of potent semen clung to her cheeks, lips, and chin. One would be forgiven for thinking Iiniku had just completed a scene for a Bukkake video from this one load of cum.

He wasn't done yet either. While she lay there wearing his seed splattered all across her face she breathed deeply trying to recover from the brutal fucking she had received. Drake placed the tip of his cock against her parted lips. Stroking his shaft more cum spurted out across her lips and into her mouth.

“Don't spill it. Save it up.” He continued to pump more cum into her mouth. Iiniku worried she'd choke on the powerful tasting seed there was so much. She obediently collected the jizz laying there with more of the seed still dripping down off her face. Finally he seemed to have deposited the last of his load into her mouth.

“Now swallow it down. Drink your whore's milk.” He let go of his grip on her head as she did as he asked and gulped down the entire mouthful of cum. As her head hung there off the side of the bed she looked at the audience, still hidden in silhouette, showing off her cum streaked face. Opening her mouth she stuck out her tongue enough to show it devoid of the cum she had just swallowed. She felt Drake's cock as it slapped up against her face, still massive in size even now. Laying it across her face he snapped a shot of the cum drenched model with her own cell phone. It was the next image after the one she had tagged “Going Clubbing.” This one he tagged “The Club.”

Leaving her sprawled on the mattress Drake rose and a pair of attractive young women dressed in highly fetishized maid costumes entered the room making their way past the audience. They picked up his discarded robe and leather cup and attentively dressed him. He took a half bow towards the crowd to a smattering of light applause and then moved to exit the room past them. Iiniku was half awake at this point, exhausted by the breaking she had just received. She saw the man who had brought her here emerge from the shadows into the spotlights.

“Fellow Daemons, I trust this evenings entertainments were most satisfactory. With this the second stage of operations has begun. As you please do make use of the usual amenities and look forward to hearing from myself soon regarding our next acquisition.”

The sound of the crowd shuffling out of the room could be heard. The well bred man approached the two maids and instructed them as follows.

“See to it she is taken to her new quarters. She'll need cleaned up and make sure her new uniform is set out for her.” He gave each girl a slap on the ass and they helped Iiniku up on either side and led her away. She said nothing. The Japanese model might not fully understand what was going on but she guessed correctly that she was not done here. Angels fell in The Second Circle, they didn't leave it.

Chapter 1 : End

Author's Notes : I hope you enjoyed this first taste of what awaits those who receive an invite. I encourage you to share celebs you would like to see used and abused in future chapters. Write me at my email or if you're reading this on Hentai Foundry you can comment below. Only female celebrities will be featured in my writing, no males please. I have several ideas lined up for future guests already, and make no promises to get to every single suggestion time and inspiration being required on my part. Feel free to share an idea of what you might like to see happen to any suggested celeb as well, though keep in mind no snuff, no gore, and no scat/vomit/blood in my works. Please vote up my stories, leave comments and/or reviews and feel free to write me at Thanks so much for reading!


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