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Reinbach's Profile
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Commissions are currently closed.

I never knowingly ignore an email.
If I don't respond to a message it either didn't send correctly, somehow ended up in my spam folder, or I simply had an insanely busy week and lost track of it. If I don't respond please just leave a comment on my profile here. I find those hard to miss.

Contact: reinbachart AT gmail DOT com
Upon receiving payment I'll put you in my line up and get you an approval sketch within 1 to 5 days depending on my workload. Private commissions are extra because at this stage I'm building a fan base and I really prefer work I can post. Please read below on what I will and won't draw before you contact me.

If you happen to want a commission featuring my OC's I'd be thrilled but we'd have to talk about specifics. This is your warning that I can be very picky about how I want them depicted. Also I don't do comic commissions featuring them, pretty much because I couldn't stand to see them written by anyone else.

Price Guide:
Prices may change in the coming weeks. If I get buried in work they'll go up, if I'm not getting enough they'll go down. Though they will certainly go up as my skills and reputation improve. Get them now while I'm starting out and easy to take advantage of!

$85 for one colored/shaded character
$85 for a single character plus a half-body interaction.
$105 for two characters plus $20 for each additional one.

Other things like crazy detailed imagery, (such as an intricate tattoo,) may cost extra. So will additional revisions after the rough draft has been approved and painting has begun.

Not Currently accepting comic commissions.

Will Draw:
Fan Art, OC's, pinups, and explicit sex. I specialize in young adults who are in good physical shape, in that I don't like to draw characters with big sagging bellies pretty much so please don't ask. Basically just have a look at my gallery and you'll have a pretty good idea of what I'm about. Want something drawn that isn't porn related? I can do that too just hit me up!

Won't Draw:

I don't like to draw real people, especially from personal pictures because I have no way of knowing if it's really a picture of you or if it's your non-consenting neighbor girl who may or may not even be eighteen. That's an uncomfortable scenario for me so I prefer to stick to OC's and fan art. Fisting grosses me out, and I don't draw stretched stomachs or any other excessively exaggerated body parts. I also don't draw body hair on women outside of the pubic kind.

Other than that it's the the usual list of sheer horror: futa, scat, guro, inflation, furry, and loli. I don't draw rape scenes but blackmail/coercion stuff is fine.
I'll certainly mature up under-aged characters but I have my limits. April from the new TMNT is ok but Dora the Explorer isn't. I can draw a solo guy but no man on man stuff, it's not my thing.
Short version is I can refuse to draw anything that would leave me depressed and wearing pajamas all morning, sipping whiskey and muttering to myself.

Ready to rock? I have been all along! Just send me an email detailing the characters, poses, moods and facial expressions you want and we'll go from there. reinbachart AT gmail DOT com.


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InerrantErotica on January 12, 2020, 5:50:16 AM

InerrantErotica on
InerrantEroticaThis is probably gonna be a long one...

Reinbach, you're pretty awesome. I've been following you for years now and there's a couple of things to say.

You write well. Your comedy genuinely makes me laugh and your characters are interesting and full of depth. It helps that your art is REALLY strong but I actually think you have a rare talent not just on HF but also in comics at large. You can tell a story- and you blend the medium of comics and the content of sex into the narrative just flawlessly. No sex scene seems out of place- they all advance the plot or provide exposition on the character... either who they are when we introduce them or who they've become after a development. You're doing what I've always set out to do- to elevate smutty smut smut into a quality medium that can stand side by side with the rest of them. In the past, people found science fiction and comic books to be juvenile- but then we got people Isaac Asimov and Alan Moore. They said that about videogames too but now we have stuff like The Last of Us.

You also do shit like sneak in Resident Evil 2 dialogue on a chalkboard and it does not go unnoticed. ;)

Second point. Your art is good. Damn good. Just... looking over the thumbnails, I'm struck by your use of contrast. Most of your pairings have different skin tones- and they almost always pop out from whatever furniture/background they're fucking on. There's honestly just too much to say about your work- I could dive in and chew it up and examine every detail. I went to an art school and even though I was a terrible student, I could go full on critique mode on any one of your pieces and go on for an hour about what makes them good. I'm a bit jealous... I consider myself a mediocre artist and a pretty fantastic writer- but you've got both nailed down pat, and they both blend perfectly well into the medium you've chosen. Some comics are just vessels for making body #1 bump into body #2. Some comics are all dialogue and overburdened with text that they don't allow the art to tell some of the story as well.

Third point... God damn is that some wonderful cum you draw. Maybe I've got a fetish for the stuff but it's always the most significant part of a scene, I think. It's the culmination of the action- the expression of the male character's pleasure and satisfaction- the visual 'proof' of how good the sex is and how incredible the woman is making him feel. Hands down you've got the best spunk on HentaiFoundry. Top three outside of HF, comparable to some of my favorite Japanese artists. ;) It's got motion and explosiveness- but also weight and viscosity after the fact. It perfectly emphasizes the beautiful figures it falls upon- and perfectly emphasizes the utter depletion of the male's passion and virility.

I want to work with you, somehow. Don't know quite how and, frankly, don't know if I'm worthy, but I'm saying it. :P

Last thing that comes to mind; I don't go to Hentai Foundry's main page anymore. I go straight to your page to see if there's anything new. Then I check my own page for feedback... and only after that do I go to the front page.

You do some good shit, Reinbach. Just had to tell you after following you since, iirc, Page 25 of Switch. Holy shit that was nearly 5 years ago, huh?

lordtrigonstar on December 12, 2019, 8:36:33 AM

lordtrigonstar on
lordtrigonstarReinbach for honor your Casey Lorraine Holland,Sylvia,Royce and Bria .I made this artwork for you.Behold  . 21x16

Reinbach on December 27, 2019, 2:49:17 AM

Reinbach on
ReinbachHey that's great! Thank you! Sorry for the slow reply, missed this comment at the time and just noticed it today. The fan art is much appreciated and I'm glad the characters inspired you! :)

Reinbach on December 27, 2019, 2:51:14 AM

Reinbach on
ReinbachAnd come to think of it I recognize that avatar from DA! Thanks for looking me up on HF, I ended up kind of diving up on DA after awhile, as 90% of my work is too explicit to post there. 

bikeymoy on September 15, 2019, 2:46:54 AM

bikeymoy on
bikeymoyJust discovered you! You have a rare wit for an artist. I really enjoyed the whole "Switch" saga! Live long and prosper!

Reinbach on September 24, 2019, 11:00:12 AM

Reinbach on
ReinbachHey thanks! Hope my work continues to hold your interest. :)

japes on January 18, 2019, 10:50:18 AM

japes on
japesThanks for the fave— it’s always an honor when an artist I enjoy likes my work as well!

Reinbach on January 19, 2019, 1:37:50 AM

Reinbach on
ReinbachMy pleasure! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! 

skadouchebag on January 17, 2019, 12:34:04 AM

skadouchebag on
skadouchebaghey dude, did some of your pictures get deleted? I swear you had a new issue of your comic featuring narration and a really solid joke.

Reinbach on January 19, 2019, 1:36:37 AM

Reinbach on
ReinbachYou mean page 53 of TRW? It's still there as far as I can see. Are pages not loading for you?

PantherSamedi on September 22, 2018, 9:26:07 PM

PantherSamedi on
PantherSamediYo! I'm a long time Switcher and now Romantic Worlder (sounded better in my head.) Anyway, I noticed that some pages appear to be missing from TRW, pages 32-34. Heh, I was going back to read Holly's bit again as one piece and noticed. :P

Speaking of babes, there are just too many! You need more, hehehehe. Keep up the good work.

Reinbach on October 6, 2018, 9:20:16 PM

Reinbach on
ReinbachHey sorry I totally missed this comment! The pages seem to be showing up just fine for me, has the problem persisted since you left this here?

PantherSamedi on October 6, 2018, 9:55:07 PM

PantherSamedi on
PantherSamediYes, I refreshed the page, played with my settings. They seem to be just gone from my end.

Reinbach on October 7, 2018, 9:42:31 AM

Reinbach on
ReinbachWeird! I hope I don't seem like I'm just passing things off here, but that might be a case for HF staff if you think it's worth an email. I have no idea what the issue might be I'm afraid. In the meantime you can see the pages on my Tumblr at the link above.

PantherSamedi on October 7, 2018, 10:05:17 AM

PantherSamedi on
PantherSamediI find it very strange too, and worry about passing it off. Seems like a HF issue. Thanks Rein keep up the good work. :D

Theregularuser on September 2, 2018, 9:25:24 AM

Theregularuser on
TheregularuserHello reinbach, it's an honour to meet you. I've following your work and i'm a fan 
I've a suggestion for this romantic world, that if casey and bria appaer: they apply Red shiny lipstick on the mirror and then, they proceed to make out while leaving tons of smudges all over their bodies and then you use your touch to make it more erotic.
What do you think of it?
Hope you like it, see you

loki5000 on July 6, 2018, 12:26:19 PM

loki5000 on
loki5000I really like your comix Mister Reinbach . But I do hate waiting for a Friday to read magnificent comix. So please can you put out more than hust one. Please...

Reinbach on July 6, 2018, 4:33:14 PM

Reinbach on
ReinbachI'd love to do two pages a week, and when the time comes that I can swing it, I will. I'm on vacation this week but I'll have two pages when I come back next Friday.

Tapdatsam on March 30, 2018, 6:53:41 PM

Tapdatsam on
TapdatsamReinbach, your comics are seriously, and I DO mean seriously, the best comics I've ever read. From Switch and now This Romantic World, I can't help but feel attached to the story line AND the characters. Not many comic series have managed to have this effect on me, simply because there's always a Batman or a Superman, where the story always changes and the characters never budge, leaving me liking or caring for either a specific scene or not caring at all. But with your work, it's different. You can't have Switch without Casey, and you can't have Casey, Jane, Liz or Warren without the settings you place them in. In my eyes, that is what a good comic should be, a great and rich story and even greater and deeper characters. I also find myself thinking, what would I be doing now if it weren't for you, Reinbach? What would I be doing if you hadn't started posting Switch all those years ago? Would I be as inspired as I am now to create things, and have the motivation to finish them like you finished Switch after 3 years of work? The answer is probably no. Every time I read your work, especially with This Romantic World, since the new characters invoke wonder and curiosity, I feel something inside me that words cannot express. I feel as if I could conquer any challenges that come my way. Not because of the adult content exciting me, but because of the fact that you, a human being just like me, can create something so wonderful. It gives me hope that someday I will also be able to create wonderful things in this world. Whether it be art or whether it be something else, at least I would have the comfort of knowing that those great things were inspired by you.
Thank you Reinbach, not just for creating amazing art, but for making me become a better person.

Lemonator on June 3, 2018, 3:05:46 PM

Lemonator on
LemonatorHoly shit, that's one hell of an endorsement. To be honest, this comment alone makes me want to read your work, and you should definitely be thanking Tapdatsam for that. :P You should feature it on your front page if you can. You didn't just make them come, you MADE THEM A BETTER PERSON. 

That's fucking extreme. 

Reinbach on June 8, 2018, 10:55:45 PM

Reinbach on
ReinbachI wasn't sure how to respond to this one at the time. If they were being straight, it was the nicest comment I ever got by a long shot. But I couldn't shake the feeling that maybe I was getting trolled here, and since I never heard back from them I still can't say for sure.

Reinbach on March 30, 2018, 10:16:35 PM

Reinbach on
ReinbachWow. Best thing I can say is that if you're actually being sincere, it's greatly appreciated!

fizzer on April 30, 2018, 5:00:14 AM

fizzer on
fizzerWent through TRW after finding it on someone else's profile, now I think I'm gonna be along for the ride there. :P

Reinbach on May 3, 2018, 10:20:38 AM

Reinbach on
ReinbachWelcome aboard! :)



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