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A Highschool DxD series featuring a hung Issei working his way through some of the sexiest, bustiest women around, starting with Rias.

Chapter 2 now up, as always released a month early on my !

Themes: F/F, Massage Sex, Tribadism, Consensual. M/F, Gangbang, Moral Degradation

Summary: Hyuga Hinata has just finished her first solo mission as a chunin when she sees a beautiful blonde being accosted by a group of men. One thing leads to another and the kunoichi finds herself spending the night as a brothel, getting a very enthusiastic massage from the girl she saved in thanks.
Rin finds herself outmatched by an older gentleman, who puts her under a spell that will make her a different brand of Servant.

Themes: Dubcon, Conditioning, Pet Play, BDSM, Master/Slave

Total Word Count: 43,009

Summary: Cardin is an asshole with a big dick and a bigger head. Some of the girls at Beacon are learning just how big. 

Small penises (awww)
Humiliation (double awww)
No payoff (triple awww)

Don't ask, just read. If you want.

SMH story (yup), so...go for it
Rias Gremory awakens one day to find herself a slave to orc cock. Not the cock of an actual orc, but her very own sweltering, constantly-irritated orc cock.

Where did it come from? What will she do it about it? Will it ever stop leaking porridge thick-jizz everywhere?

I think you know the answer to at least two of those questions.

Commission for GiftedMonster
Look, if it can't possibly happen in real happens in this story

Hinata is torn apart (in a spectacular way) by her boyfriends and boy friends. WARNING - has expansion, inflation, 7-foot cocks, cock-sleeves, massive tits, nipples fucking, and ALOT of anal!

Commissioned by BagelTiger
This fic primarily grew out of my interest in writing a lesbian make-out scene, in this case between Saeko and Rei. There isn't even a single man in the first chapter.

This was meant to be a very sunny and refreshing story that focusses on the enjoyment of summer.

When Cardin finds proof that Jaune forged his transcripts to get into Beacon Academy, he could have blackmailed the other boy... But instead, he blackmailed Jaune's teammate, Pyrrha. Forced to be Cardin's girlfriend and serve him however he wants, how long can proud Pyrrha last before breaking from the humiliation? (A commission for TropicThunder.)
Konohamaru Sarutobi was a cheating bastard, or so guys would call him. To women, however, he was master. [cuckold, male dom, fem sub, corruption, seduction, milf] [commission]
[Hyperdimension Neptunia] When a bunch of Planeptune’s faithful try to trick their CPU into sexual favours claiming ‘all the CPUs are doing it’, Neptune plays along, as the not-as-innocent-as-she-seems girl finally sees the opportunity to get the depraved treatment she’s always wanted. Anonymous commission.
By some divine, exceedingly fucked up miracle, Shinji Matou wins the Holy Grail War.

Saber and Tohsaka have some some apologies they need to make. Willingly, or otherwise.

Commission for Anonymous
Konoha is effectively run by military tribunal with no civilian input. This is the worst case scenario of the opposite method. 
Naruto turned his back on Konoha, but Danzo made the village great again. [hypnosis, ntr, commission]
A Fate/Zero fanfiction. In order to sever herself from the grail, Irisviel von Einzbern undergoes a dangerous procedure and places the command to allow her to do it in the hands of her son, Shiro Emiya. While a success, the key to it remains in his hands... Warnings: Mind Control, Slight Moral Decay.
While Vaan and Baltheir are sentenced to the dungeon of the fortress, Fran is put into a different sort of punishment once she finds out that her species are a great source of chocobo breeding. Commissioned by EndGamer.
Watch how the ruthless assassin Widowmaker hunts the girls from Overwatch and turns them into her personal sex-toys. Formerly a one-shot, now a multi-chapter-story.

Contains Futa/Female, anal, mind break and corruption.

Check out the Spin-Off:

Overwatch - Howl of the Banshee
Captured by Talon, members of Overwatch Tracer and Mercy as well as Talon's own uncontrollable assassin Widowmaker must endure the torment and sexual ravages imposed upon them by the nefarious organization, their ordeals soon spawning the entire city.
It's the video everyone's been waiting for, Vishkar Corporation's hidden camera footage of some of the sluttiest girls in Overwatch! Three "highly classified" videos, each one showing what some of the world's heroes do behind closed doors. In Vishkar Corporation's first adventure into the world of porn, we take a look at Tracer, Mei, and Zarya, all doing things they most certainly wouldn't want you to know that they do!

(hidden camera, glory hole sex, gangbang, bukakke, breeding)
Due to an unexpected change at the start of the 2nd Holy Grail War, the following Wars went differently until at the Fuyuki Fire, a younger Shirou Emiya is not only found by Kiritsugu, but also unlocked the Mystic Eyes of Game Perception, which would help him by the time the more chaotic 5th Holy Grail War, due to some organizations and their grails joining in at the same time, rolls in. AU, SEMI-CrossOver/X-Over, SOME OC/OOC, Harem, Shota, Femdom, Futa, Trap, Violence, Humor! FIRST FIC HERE!
Backed up into a corner against an endless army of White Zetsu clones, the makeshift team of Tenten, Kurotsuchi, and Matsuri make a deal to exchange their freedom for something else. Commission for simo09.
Welcome to CESSPOOL.

A dark, wretched place where YOU REQUEST FOR FREE whose next to enter this NSFW story dump.


Make sure to 'Favourite' this story to see all future stories added

Contents: Whatever gets requested.
Samus infiltrates an evil corporation's base only to be captured and forced to 'test' many different types of tentacles in every way imaginable.

Contents: Tentacle rape, all the way through penetration, stomach deformation, deep throat, impregnation, and much more...

Check out and watch my profile for more 'intense' stories about your favorite movie/video game characters
Feel free to leave suggestions for new stories in the comment section below
A band of pirates make Tali an offer she can't refuse: A share of their booty... in exchange for a shot at her booty. With their dicks.

Contents/Ch 1: glory holes, several messy handjobs and eventually also blowjobs, throat bulging, cum inflation, and cum from mouth/nose. Ch 2: several deep, bulging anal penetrations and probably like an ocean's worth of semen.

Commissioned by Secret_Writter.
For whatever reason, this story disappeared from my profile, so I'm adding it again.

It was originally added on December 11th, 2013.


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